Kamaliya is reaping what her club hit “Butterflies” has sown at radio. The single has been a smash hit on dance floors from Paris to Berlin and has notched up more than 33 million views on YouTube. It also recently reached the #1 position on MUSIC WEEK’s Club Chart.

Pop Princess Kamaliya, who in the past has held pageant titles and has just wrapped filming a movie with Hollywood stars such as Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia, gushes: “I believed that winning the Mrs. World Pageant in 2008 was the greatest achievement of my life so far, but that has been far outstripped by the amazing news I just received! I am #1 in the club chart! A dream has come true, and I feel so very blessed!”

Off the back of the success of the single, the pop artist continues to build her brand worldwide with licensing deals for “Butterflies” in the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and France, and further negotiations are underway in Russia, the United States, Korea and Japan. If music and film weren’t enough, Kamaliya also was named Face of the Russian Day at the House of Chanel at the Vendome in Paris. Chanel had Kamaliya perform to fashion elite, and has used her song “To Love” as the bed for the promo for the event. Kamaliya has been brought a great amount of success in 2012, and 2013 promises to bring an even bigger platform for the pop princess to spread her infectious pop sensation.