By Johnny Donovan

I want to begin this write-up and introduce myself to you all. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I’m known to work with fabulous TV personalities and some familiar faces from some of your favorite shows.

Some of you may know that events are usually major in my corner. I received a phone call from Drita D’Avanzo of Mob Wives after Hurricane Sandy. “I cant believe this has happened, and we have to do something about it,” she said. We quickly got into a conversation and decided we needed to throw an event and raise money for those affected on Staten Island. So I got to work right away. Events usually take months of planning; this time around, I only had one week to put this together, to get sponsors and people on board and overall make it work somehow.

After the horrific events that took place it was very difficult to reach people; people still had no power and were still so in shock of the tragedies that occurred. Quickly putting this event together, my mind was all over the place, but I had to do something. So I approached a friend of mine who owns Bash Records with the idea and asked for help and had him on board as soon as possible.

It all came around, and it turned out to be a major, successful event. I managed to gather up many sponsors, and many people attended with the efforts of my team along with Bash Records, Masque Events and the many sponsors. I managed to gather up two performers along with a great venue. I’m proud to say I did something to give back to those that were affected by this tragic hurricane, but it doesn’t end there. I’m still in the process of putting more events together with other clients of mine to give back to those that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I would love for my community to get involved and help me put something together. Please be on the lookout for events in the near future. Come and show support to those that were affected.

Want to get involved, attend an event or make a donation? Drita D’Avanzo is still raising money for those affected. Go to:



Photos Courtesy of Demis Maryannakis Photography for Splash News