By Chris Jenkins

Queen of the skies PAM ANN returns to XL…and no one is immune. Once again, she takes off her pristine white gloves to deliver an unrelenting barrage of political incorrectness and shoot-from-the-lip observations.

Never shy about engaging in controversy, Pam Ann deftly navigates the flying taboos, stereotypes and cultural differences that even the boldest of today’s comedians won’t broach. Her ability to both rile and charm audiences is what has propelled her act into the comedy stratosphere.  Experience a flight on Pam Ann yourself when she performs three shows at XL December 20, 21 and 22.

Here are Pam Ann’s top-ten reasons NYC is the merriest city in the world over the holiday season.

10. The city never sleeps because everyone is on crack.

9. The city is home to my two favorite buildings: The Pan Am Building and the TWA Terminal. 

8. So many Puerto Ricans! Once you go Rican, you don’t go seekin’.

7. Superheroes live here: Batman and Robin. 

6. The city promotes doggie-style! Some hotels even have room service menus for pooches.

 5. The most attractive cocks in the world live in New York.  Much nicer than anything you might find in the U.K. or India.

4 The view of Manhattan from JFK is like Emerald City… this girl loves her sparkles.

3. Planes land on water here!

2. It’s where dreams and nightmares are made.

1. You can get anything delivered at any time of the day or night. Thank baby Jesus for

Pam Ann performs XL on December 20, 21 and 22. 8 p.m. take off.
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