Sutton Lee Seymour – Takes The Green Room 42 in May!

International Glam award-winning drag star Sutton Lee Seymour will bring her show “Broadway Barbie” to New York’s the Green Room 42 on Thursday, May 9 and Saturday, May 18. Seymour is spreading her comedy and chaos with merriment and madness, while painting the town pink and mashing up your favorite pop songs and Broadway show tunes. Sutton has been entertaining audiences around the world for the past decade, from London to Los Angeles. She recently was Bianca Del Rio’s opening act for her world comedy tour. You can see Sutton perform every season in Puerto Vallarta and she’s about to perform her first full season in Provincetown.

Hello, Sutton! What can audiences expect from your upcoming show at the Green Room 42?

I think of this show as Bette Midler’s performance in the bathhouse, but set in Barbie’s Dream House. It’s bubbly, it’s naughty, it’s fun… and people should absolutely expect my usual sass and flair for the dramatic. 

Your show is called “Broadway Barbie”. How has Barbie influenced your drag and performance style?

Barbie is drag and drag is Barbie. Barbie and drag have inspired many generations to be whoever they want to be and be confident. Barbie also gets scrutinized and drag gets called a crime…but we persist and pursue our dreams. As for “performance style,” people should come see for themselves how both influenced me. 

Tell us about your recent tour opening for the one and only Bianca Del Rio?

I think it’s important to support up-and-comers like Bianca. I hope she makes it. I doubt she will… HA! But seriously, it was a fantastic experience! I never imagined drag would take me to 2,500 seat theaters, and Bianca made that happen for me. I’m forever grateful to her! It was incredible singing dirty parodies for thousands of people while getting them excited for the “Queen of Mean” herself! Simply the best!

In addition to performing around the States, you’ve also been a fixture in Puerto Vallarta. What do you love about performing there? Who is the craziest person that’s ever been in your audience?

The truth is: I love avoiding winter. Yes, I love the community, I love the culture, I love the audiences. But at the heart of it…I’m just avoiding winter. As for the craziest person…frankly, it’s me. I’m the craziest person in the room. No one has ever derailed my show because I thrive on chaos.   

After your New York shows this spring, you’re opening your first full summer season in Provincetown. How does it feel to now be part of that special pantheon of iconic queens to summer there?

I’m very excited about Provincetown! The community of queens up there is very supportive and welcoming, and they have been inspiring me for years. Class acts, all of ‘em! I can’t wait to get started and I hope people will come see me at the Red Room on Commercial Street all summer long. But I am even more excited that I get to bring this show home to NYC before pounding the pavement in Provincetown! 

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