OK, so they won’t be saying that at this year’s Super Bowl, the first cold weather Super Bowl in the history of the NFL. However, they will be saying that at both Boxers locations in Hell’s Kitchen at 50th Street and Ninth Avenue, as well as in Chelsea at 20th Street and Sixth Avenue. Heck, the hunky staff at both locations are usually only half-dressed anyway. However, now their semi-nakedness will help to host the first big sports party of the year as Super Bowl XLVIII, that’s number 48 for those of us who never took Latin, will be taking place less than 10 miles from each front door at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ, on Sunday, February 2.

This year’s halftime entertainment includes Bruno Mars along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So even if you aren’t into the game, the halftime show still helps make for a great party! It’s an even better party with great food, great drinks and lots of eye candy for all tastes.

BoxersHK will be launching its new food menu along with weekend brunch service before they also branch out into more mainstream breakfast, lunch and dinner fare. They are currently offering some of the best pizza, wings and hot dogs in NYC. Add to this a much more extensive menu, including burgers, salads, breakfast items and an overall smorgasbord of quality, great-tasting food, and you now have a great venue for food, drink and people watching in the heart of NYC. We also hear that they will be offering a free cocktail, mimosa, Bloody Mary or Bellini with each entrée. There’s nothing wrong with great-tasting food and a FREE cocktail! It helps the food go down and sets the basis for the rest of the day’s cocktails to taste even better.

One thing that both Boxers are mastering quite well is that gay sports bars are not straight sports bars. Yes they cater to the hardcore jock that wants the to see the SEC, ACC, Big 12 college games on Saturday and then as many NFL games on Sunday as possible. But they also take into account that gay sports isn’t just turning on a TV and showing sports. They also realize that gay sports include their new music video systems, Rupaul’s Drag Race and any other competitive/enjoyable endeavors in the gay “sports” world. Competitive and enjoyable, and the less clothes the better.

For example, you are watching the game with some friends, and maybe, just maybe, you aren’t into the game. The tight end isn’t your type; the wide receiver looks great in those football pants but the face looks like he played before they used helmets. Then what? Then enjoy the halftime show, or the new video games in the BoxersHK arcade, have your picture taken with a friend in the new photo booth, or get some more food and share some with the hottie standing near you. It’s all good. Good food, good drink, good people…great time! P.S. The Winter Olympics are coming in February, from Sochi, Russia. Both Boxers locations will be showing as much Olympics coverage as possible. Come on out and check out the new vibe and food soon!

Boxers NYC 37 W 20th St. New York, NY 10011
BoxersHK 742 9th Ave. New York, NY 10019