It’s that time again! America’s biggest night of the year: The Super Bowl! Combine this with the friendliest jock bartenders, a few pitchers of beer, delicious wings and an awesome display of professional athletic force and you essentially get the essence of what American Football and Boxers Bars are all about!

With the return of the big game to The Bay Area, Super Bowl 50, on February 7 at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, California, is guaranteed to write the next chapter of football greatness. Get revved up to see the Caroline Panthers versus the Denver Broncos; Cam Newton, Demaryius Thomas, Luke Kuechly and Peyton Manning are sure to make Super Bowl 50 a night to be remembered.

Boxers Bars has prepared another unforgettable night of jubilation and sportsmanship to celebrate this cherished American game and its customers. Free footlong sandwiches during halftime and bike raffles are just some of exciting surprises Boxers Bars is offering its patrons, ensuring everyone will have a memorable evening.

This year’s halftime show promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Bruno Mars and Beyoncé are both expected to join Coldplay for the much-anticipated most-watched musical entertainment of the year. The artist performing the national anthem has yet to be announced, thus making the anticipation lead to the excitement so much more!

As football and sports bring a rainbow of people together in the spirit of sportsmanship, Boxers Bar is honored to do the same under an umbrella of fun and equality. Boxers is proud to be an inclusive gay sports bar, from the hardcore jocks and gay leagues to their straight friends and colleagues that have made Boxers a second home. Whether it’s to watch your favorite sporting events, get some tasty brick oven pizza, come to a weekend brunch with friends, enjoy a theme night or host your next event, Boxers is the place to be!

They also take into account that a gay sports bar isn’t just turning on a TV and showing sports; Boxers realizes that a great sports bar includes high-performance sound and video systems, interactive social media feeds, game rooms, outside terraces and delicious food to satisfy every palate all the while providing service with a smile. And if those smiles come from hot, shirtless men in Boxers, we won’t complain!

So, if you are in NYC or Philadelphia and want check out the season’s professional or college sport games, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” have a laugh on karaoke night or simply just want to sit back and relax while throwing back a few beers, pizza and wings with some dear friends and no judgment, Boxers – America’s Premiere Gay Sports Bar – is proud to be your home away from home!

P.S. The Summer Olympics are coming in August from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All Boxers locations will be showing the Olympic Games including swimming, gymnastics, track and field and so many other competitions in sizzling Brazil. You won’t want to miss! Come out and enjoy the eye candy on the screen and behind the bar.

Boxers Chelsea
37 W. 20th St.
New York, NY 10011

Boxers HK
742 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10019

Boxers PHL
1330 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Photo By Rick Stockwell

Top Row (From Left)
Ryan, Thomas & Zee

Bottom Row (From Left)
Brian, Jason,
Mark & Dave

Boxers Chelsea, HK & PHL Bartenders