Manny Fierro: Café con Crema

One of the hottest parties in New York, at one of the busiest bars in New York, proudly presents Café con Crema at Boxers HK in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Each Saturday night Manny Fierro unleashes an intimate New York City gay Latino party, featuring DJ Alex and MC Monica Monroe. 

Get Out was able to share some questions and answers with Manny about the hottest Saturday night party in town.

How did you arrive at the idea for the party?
My parties have always been in Uptown Manhattan since I started promoting while I was the manager of No Parking Bar. I had always wanted to do a party downtown, and George from Boxers asked me one day if I would like to collaborate with them, and we created Café con Crema.

How long have you been doing the party, and how has it grown since its origination?
I have been throwing the party for two years, and thank God it has grown every year. People have welcomed the laid-back, fun and friendly atmosphere the party was create with.

What can someone new expect to experience their first time there?
Well, I like to keep it a secret for first timers and let them experience it for themselves, and I ain’t going to divulge my secrets to other promoters of what makes my parties a success. But what I can tell you is that when people come, they leave with a nice experience in all the senses of the word. We create something unique for the NYC Latino community that keeps them coming and which they recommend to their friends.

Why Boxers?
After No Parking Bar closed, I had parties in many clubs and bars in which the owners were straight, and I always felt that they were using the gay community to try and make money without really caring about the community or if the customers had a good experience or not. They only cared about making money at any cost and didn’t really understand gay dynamics or what our community has gone through. At Boxers it is totally different. The owners are gay, the management is gay and they know what their community needs and wants. They always want to make sure their customers have a good experience.

Who are your main DJs?
My main DJ is Alex Mendez.

Do you have different hosts every week?
No, the one and only is our house mother, Monica Monroe, but we do have special surprise guests from time to time.

What makes this party different from all other Latino parties?
The energy and vibe we create. It’s something special that I can’t explain and you just have to experience for yourself. The energy you experience at my parties sets it apart from other Latino parties in the city. It’s what keeps our beloved guests coming back.

Any future projects or parties for you, Manny?
Yes, there are always new projects and collaborations in the works. We are currently working on something really big and special for the community. It will be a game changer, and we are excited!

742 9th Ave. (@50th St.)



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