We all have vegan friends who time and time again have tried to get us to eat at what they claim to be the “best restaurant ever.” This sometimes gets in the way of asking certain friends out and eventually could kill a friendship. (OK, I’m being dramatic).

Peacefood Café is a vegan restaurant located on the Upper West Side. For years they have been serving up the best in vegan cuisine and saving friendships between vegan and not-so-vegan friends.

Frostie’s Picks: Now that autumn has finally arrived, we can start to enjoy themed drinks such as Peacefood’s hot ginger soy. This drink is the perfect gateway for a sandwich that is both autumn-themed and award-winning. The roasted Japanese pumpkin is served mashed with key ingredients such as sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, caramelized onions and vegan cheese. This fine vegan sandwich is served on what I can only describe as “the best rye bread ever.” If at the end of this sandwich you wish you had two double chocolate chip cookies with mint filling, you are in such luck! The grasshopper cookie sandwich is the perfect end to this beautiful meal.

Peacefood has such a wide selection that it would be impossible for anyone to walk away unsatisfied. So pick up that phone and text that vegan friend of yours. Let them know that a tasty solution has been found!

Peacefood Cafe
460 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024
(212) 362-2266

Xoxo Frostie