///BY Kevin Markline

Tony Moran Drives It Home with some of Clubland’s Greatest

Destination embarks on a mission to recapture the greatness of the New York City dance floor. Taking place Saturday, August 24, at XL, the party will build on the great Ibiza parties, but go beyond the circuit sound by creating a unique experience with New Yawk City flavor!
“We want everyone to once again recognize New York City as the party capital of the world,” says DJ Tony Moran, the two-time Grammy nominated remixer/producer who will steer the decks alongside Brazilian DJ Gustavo Scorpio. “Destination will be about movement, motion, evolution, sex and sensuality. I will use the DJ booth as my laboratory to build new songs and remixes live.”
Nightlife icon Flava will host the night with special live performances by international superstars Kristine W and Vernessa Mitchell. A particular highlight of the evening will be the integration of music videos displayed on both a customized video wall and a gigantic DNA installation. The videos will be seamlessly synched to Moran’s original club mixes.
“The idea is for the visuals to be more than just dancers, performers and lights,” he explains. “These videos will bring the club and future classics to life.”
XL Nightclub allowed Moran the freedom to bring in extra massive sound for the event, including a $50,000 enhanced sound system turbo charged with state-of the-art subwoofers, ultra crisp tweeters and individually controlled speakers. “It’s not just about the DJ in the booth anymore,” he says. “It’s about putting the spotlight on the dance floor and whisking clubbers on a fantastical excursion of the senses.”


When was the last time you performed NYC?
It’s been some time! I performed Club 57 and Cielo a few years ago. I know the boys are gonna “Rise Up!” and join in “This Joy” that I feel at Destination. I just hope I have time to hug all the New York fans who have been so good to me. I am indeed blessed.
Your latest, “Rise,” is another uplifting track.
I intended for it to be. I have had so many guys from all over the world tell me how my songs touch their lives, freed them from bad relationships, drug problems and all other troubles of the world. I am so proud to be one of the first gospel artists to make it on the dance floor. Just show me the way to the stage, and the message is love!
How will your performance at Destination be bigger and better than ever before?
The production will be over the top with incredible sound and out-of-this world décor. My friend Flava is coordinating the staging.


What’s the main message of your new track, “So Close To Me”?
There is no replacement for human contact. It can’t be duplicated any other way.
Not with Skype, Facetime or any new technology that comes out. Real creative and emotional energy happens when people are face to face.
Are you excited to be face to face with your NYC fans again?
You bet! I love New York! And I think New York is going to love the new music video for “So Close To Me.” We’re debuting at Destination. Can you give us a hint of what we can expect in the video? Let’s just say there was a lot of love put into it. I hope the dance planet feels it!


What will your hosting duties consist of?
My duty will be to make sure that everyone is taken care of and that the energy stays strong.
Why is now the time for NYC to reclaim its status as party capital of the world?
Anyone can have a party, but not everyone can throw one. There’s no place like NYC. This city is about to throw the party of the summer: Destination!
Why should clubbers come to Destination?
To experience real clubbing with dramatic visuals, pounding music and fantastical production. It’s going to be legendary.

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Saturday, August, 24, 2013