Barbara Tucker & DJ Q

Ms. Barbara Tucker was raised in full energy in good old Brooklyn, New York. SHE FOUND HER LOVE FOR SINGING AT CHURCH, ALONG WITH a little help from her entertainer Father, Jayotis Washing ton of the well-known group The Persuasions. She and DJ Q are performing as barb & q AT The Monster, December 7.

Which producer would you love to work with ?
BARBARA TUCKER: David Morales, Timmy Regisford, Bob Sinclar, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, just to name a few.

Who inspires you?
BT: God, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, love.

Why did Barb & Q come together?
BT: ‘Cause we have fun on stage. Two multi-talented people can only bring joy to the scene that we love so much.

What type of audience do you and Q like?
BT: An audience that is open to the music and lives to express themselves.

What’s your live experience like?
BT: Crazy fun with much dancing and songs.

Why The Monster?
BT: We know they can appreciate our expression

Have you performed at The Monster before?
BT: Yes, and we love it. Thanks to Derek Scott Graves for the introduction.

Why DJ Q?
BT: I love his passion for music, always humble and always wanting to learn. And I love to see him dance.

What is the message?
BT: Come get lifted and leave your worries at the door. Come Events loving and dance happy. Share a smile. And have fun.

What should we expect from Barb & Q?
BT: Our passion and freeness and improv for our music.

What’s new for Barb & Q? Any new projects?
BT: Next release “We Can Take This Party,” and new producers.

Where will we see you next?
BT: WMC. And Let the Singer Be Heard?
BT: March 26, Ocean 10 Club. The Bstar Music Group get together. March 27, The Clevelander.

What does music mean to you?
DJ QUINTA: Music is life to me. It embodies my soul and spirit from when I was in my mom’s womb.

What DJ would you like to DJ with?
DJ Q: Frankie Knuckles, DJ Spen, Terry Hunter and Don Welch.

What is your favorite place to spin?
DJ Q: Ibiza, ‘cause it’s like a second home.

So where would you like to have a residence?
DJ Q: The Monster, Club Cielo, WBLS and Ibiza.

Do you participate at the WMC and why?
DJ Q: Dance music is my family. I participate as a resident DJ for the Bstar Music Group and Let the Singer Be Heard. It brings me joy to be a part of this music.

What are some of the things you’re grateful for in life?
DJ Q: My God-given life. My mom princess young, my sons, working with Barbara Tucker, every opportunity to play and travel.

MANSTER @ The Monster with Barb & Q performing and celebrating the 32nd Year Anniversary of The Monster with DJ JOHNNY DYNELL. 80 Grove St. in Manhattan, December 7. Download Barbara Tucker’s
music on iTunes!

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