“Dead Beat City” is Kindbud’s highly anticipated debut full-length album, released on DJ Gomi’s NYC-based label Gomination Records.

Aside from Adam Joseph’s production on the opening track/lead single “House Music (Better Than Sex),” every original track is produced, written and performed by Kindbud. From the infectious club hit “The Remix Is Dead” to the fourth single “Don’t Touch Me,” Kindbud takes us on a trip into his mind as we try to keep up with his inner monologues and dance floor proclamations.

Featuring nine original tracks plus four remixes, not only does “Dead Beat City” give us brand new classic house music to dance to, but we also get to experience some range and diversity from Kindbud with tracks such as the hiphop influenced “Bitch Please” and other more personal tracks such as “Never Real” and “Too Much Love 4 U.” All in all, “Dead Beat City” firmly marks Kindbud’s territory in the music industry and leaves us eagerly awaiting his next move. In Kindbud’s own words:
1. “House Music (Better than Sex)” – The lead single from the album, pretty self explanatory from the title. It’s the only original track on the album that’s not produced by me. I went with Adam Joseph’s remix here simply because it’s major and it opens the album perfectly.
2. “I Love Barcelona” – The second single from the album. This is a tribute to my old stomping ground – I spent the bulk of my 20s in Barcelona, Spain, from 2000-08.
3. “I Am the DJ, Pt. II” – This is a sequel to my first NYC-based single titled “I Am the DJ.” This time around I read everyone at the club, not just the bartender as I did in the original.
4. “The Remix Is Dead” – The third single from the album. This is my social commentary on the state of the remix in today’s music and how it is being killed by mainstream club-ready pop music.
5. “Bitch Please” – This is one of the first songs I ever made, while still living in Spain. It’s the only non-house track on the album. It’s a hip hop track heavily influenced by the shittalking tracks I grew up on by such artists as The Fugees, Notorious BIG and Missy Elliott.
6. “Never Real” – A more personal song about my reflections on a past relationship and how my view of it has changed in retrospect.
7. “Don’t Touch Me” – The fourth single from the album, and also my first production collaboration with DJ Gomi. I wanted to write a song that speaks to the people at the club that are there to dance, and not be touched.
8. “Too Much Love 4 U” – Another more personal track about unrequited love. I wanted the title to be reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.”
9. “Not My Type” – Coproduced with David Ohana, a fun and cunty way to end the album that takes on the subject of one-night stands. And I quote, “You are not my type, but you can fuck me tonight.”
Tracks 10 to 13 are four bonus remixes to finish the album off. One remix for each of the four singles.
10. “The Remix Is Dead – Chad Jack Remix” – the version we used for the epic music video.
11. “House Music (Better than Sex) – David Ohana Big Room Club Remix” – Like it says, this remix is very big room and Bingo Players-esque.
12. “I Love Barcelona – Adrian Michaels Remix” – A super fun club remix with a Middle Eastern/Bollywood realness feel.
13. “Don’t Touch Me – DONKEY Remix” – The production team of Josh Sparber and Mikey Fuentes giving you minimal ballroom tech house to close it out.

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