Adam Barta

Let’s talk about Adam Barta. Whether or not you’re conscious of it , you probably know who he is. He snagged the title of sexiest music video of all time on Logo, but also was said to have “ruined music forever,” according to a certain Miss Jenny McCarthy. He’s been featured on VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” and his music has been played on shows such as “Bad Girls Club,” “The Real World” and “The Real L Word.” Maybe you heard his Billboard Top 20 club hit with pop icon Kathy Sledge in the movie “Don Jon.” Recognize him yet? He also did that track with Tan Mom, but let’s not focus on that one. The point is, over the past year, Adam has become one of New York’s most recognizable musical acts, mostly thanks to his teaming up with every reality personality that will give him a shot (or vice-versa, depending on who you ask). He’s helped Angelina Pivarnick (MTV’s “Jersey Shore”) rebound from anti-LGBT comments. He also helped Jonah Falcon express his “world’s biggest schlong” in song form. He even helped mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s sexting pal Sydney Leathers poke fun at him in a tune called “Weinerizer.” But perhaps his biggest feat this past year was taking Grindr shade to music with Pandora Boxx. “You Seemed Shady to Me” with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” vet Pandora brought about a song that was not only funny but catchy, too. The track earned them a top 50 hit on the iTunes comedy charts. This was also a huge turning point for him, leaving behind the previous collaborations that had the world, as well as Howard Stern, raising a brow in the past. Now he’s finally shown he was in on the joke. He wasn’t fame whoring, he was strategizing. It all built up to this moment: the release of his newest dance track, “Superficial.” What makes this song so different? Well, it’s his first solo track in over a year, and it really speaks for the place Adam has found himself in with life. The title hits it spot on. “Superficial” is about being just that – superficial – but he wants you to know he doesn’t care. After spending a year collaborating with any reality star that would have him to catapult himself into stardom, he’s out to give a big middle finger to all his doubters. You think he’s superficial? So what? He’s having fun and following his dreams. Teaming up with songwriter Charlie Mason, Adam is going full force with this venture. His music video, which looks quite polished, was quick to take advantage of the rearing of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s first venture as “The Lost Season” by snagging finalist Rebecca Glasscock to play the evil witch in the fairytalethemed epic. It also deserves a huge shoutout for not being afraid to show gay pride by having him rescued by the sweet kiss of a prince. Now, this all is not to say that Adam is going to give up his old tactics. He’s got even more celebrity-filled plans on the horizon. Anybody who’s been following him on Twitter (@ Adam_Barta) will have noticed he’s been tweeting with Margret Cho quite a bit lately about a pairing. And she’s totally game. Is there another comedic goldmine on the horizon? I certainly hope so.

Jeremy Jones

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