She’s back: bigger, badder and bouncing on the highs of #1 Billboard club hit “We Are Young,” Vassy throws out another episode of exuberant musical attitude in the form of Mad.

What inspired the lyrics for your #1 song “We Are Young”?
I wrote that song in like an hour or so. It didn’t take long; it really felt good and just kind rolled out of me. I love when that happens. You just never know. But who would have known the song was going to be such a hit? Yay! Thank you, universe.

Tell me about the day the song hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts. Where were you?
I found out on Valentine’s Day this year. It was awesome! It stayed there for three weeks. I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe it, truly. A lil girl like me all the way from Darwin, Australia!

How did it come about to be chosen for the theme song of the MAD Video Music Awards? What are some of your highlights about that amazing night?
I was in Greece early this year and someone heard it. The owner of Panik Records wanted to meet me, and then fell in love with the song. He knows the owner of MAD TV and the director of MAD Awards, so they then heard it and asked for it to be the theme song for the Awards show. It was fun! I met all the big famous pop stars of Greece.

Your music is featured on several movie and television soundtracks, such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ugly Betty,” as well as in commercials for Chevy and Victoria’s Secret. What are some of your favorite scenes that they incorporated your songs in?
There’s so many cool placements I’ve had my music in. “Cabin in the Woods” was cool. My song “Desire” played in one of the sexiest scenes, the highlight of the entire movie, so people really talked about that moment!

What’s in store for your forthcoming album and subsequent projects? Also, you and I have something in common, as we are both in
the first round of the Grammy entries! Tell our readers.
Yes, I have several new releases coming out this year around the world that I am excited about. Firstly, though, I am super excited that “We Are Young” is in the first round of a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording and Best New Artist. Woogoo! Fingres crossed. It’s a long shot, but hey, worth a try, right? I have a new single coming out November 19 with Dave Aude called “MAD.” It’s going to be a bad-ass video. In Spain right now I have a new release with Victor & Juan Magan called “Spotlight” through Universal Spain Music. In Greece through Panik Records I have my new single with DJ Mark Angelo coming out called “Miss Automatic” with rapper Epsilon featured on it. And then I have a club banger coming out with a big Italian DJ called Ivan Gomez. Plus my new single in Australia through Vicious Records called “In the Sun,” which has the new TELUS TV campaign and the new YOPLAIT TV campaign. Vassy’s #1 Billboard hit “WE ARE YOUNG” is available on iTunes. The official video is on YouTube at: