Aaron Paul: Album Release Party at the “Monster”

Saturday November 5th, @ 7:30

Join us at “The Monster Bar” on Saturday November 5th for an amazing Record Release Party featuring pop star Aaron Paul…..all are welcomed!

So where is your record release party and what are you unleashing to the world?
YAY….My record release party is being held at…wait for it  ..da daaaa….THE MONSTER NYC! I feel honored and totally privilege to have my party there. It’s right in the heart of the west village…where everyone is and this  iconic NYC landmark venue is just way to perfect! really sets the tone of the whole album. My album ELECTRIC EROTIC from beginning till end on a 1 night performance in small performance  club just like THE MONSTER! I wanted put that whole feel and experience on to my record and really bring some character and personal realness to my project! So my listener would feel as if that were at a small club with me performing with all the other m personalities, hosts , Club music genres , Drag Queens, and Performance artists.

ELECTRIC EROTIC is my story of living and being a part of that NYC club scene.1 came to NYC to pursue my career in music many moons ago…and I totally had many a great night at THE MONSTER NYC …I never would have ever fathomed I would one day have a CD party there…Life is good…Thank you THE MONSTER for having me X

Describe the music on the release?
Two words….ELECTRIC EROTIC! It’s just pure simple! lol
Pop/dance music is basically electronic music! I added the erotic part to add the sexi to it! Club music is sexi. It’s a release..You dance and free your mind and surrender to the music! I purposely played around and added many dance music genres…i.e.: Trance, House, Techno NU- disco and just infused all that with today’s current pop sounds! I also wanted reflect and pay homage to all the dance music artist icons from the past i.e.: Donner Summer, Grace Jones , Sylvester, David Bowie, and Prince ….you will hear all these influences on this album …put my vocals and song lyrics and you got AARON PAUL –  ELECTRIC EROTIC ! See there is a method my madness! wink wink lol

Do you have a favorite essential track?
Oh shit that changes daily lol but right now I really luv NUMBER ONE.. It’s a real simple cheesy fun pop radio song but very cleverly done! The lyrics basically takes the piss out of the celebrity culture we all live in and adhere to ..especially since the world domination of reality shows and popularity competitions.The human need to be famous and be NUMBER ONEl  SEXY DIRTY TALK is another fave of mine…it’s dirty and it’s real sexy …a rock pop rock funk jam … In the vain of QUEEN legend Freddie Mercury…..’Another One Bites The Dust’ and …INXS… ‘I Need you Tonight’ with a little touch of  Prince’s signature sound…and once again still very AARON PAUL  😉

How many videos will be created from the album?
As many as we can do… I’m very big on visuals and each song tells a different story and shows a different side of me This is a 17 track album… At lest 8 – 10 cuts on it are pop radio hits and club bangers…Sorry everyone we getting EROTIC ELECTRIC FOREVER! lol

When will it be available to the public?
Asap and finally lol  .. I’ve been talking this album for months now and every release date changes lol as things do in this biz. But I proudly and honestly say 100% def before thanksgiving… Just in time for the holidays ..Yay! Guess what Santa’s getting you this year….ELECTRIC EROTIC…. Enjoy! 🙂 X