Killer Unicorns from Anusburg is the story of Danny, your average Brooklyn party boy, and how his misadventures one year at the annual “Brooklyn’s Enema Party” unite the Brooklyn nightlife scene against a common enemy. While at the party, Danny is attacked by a stranger, but he is saved by his fabulous drag queen and queer friends. A year later, when his friends start getting picked off one by one, Danny realizes that fearful night has come back to haunt him. Now, a man wearing a unicorn mask is killing off Brooklyn nightlife, one queen at a time, and he won’t stop until he gets his revenge.

Killer Unicorns from Anusburg features some of Brooklyn’s most talented nightlife performers including Aja, Biblegirl666, Horrorchata, Misty Meaner, Mocha Lite, Merrie Cherry, Ruby Roo, Untitled Queen and Rify Royalty, among others.

The creative force behind Killer Unicorns From Anusburg, is headed by writer and star José D. Álvarez. Jose brings his years of experience in theatre producing and writing to the big screen in a fascinating and unique queer horror story filled with twists, turns and gore. “Think John Waters meets Wes Craven” said Jose, “and yes the movie is funny and campy, but it is also an exploration of queer art and culture, and today’s various non-gender conforming identities and sexuality. So many queer artists from different mediums are involved, and it makes for such a beautiful, new, and interesting collaboration”. Drew Bolton (SSION, VICE) is scheduled to direct with Evan Zampella (Queens of Kings) and Mattioli Productions (Lady Peacock) serving as Executive Producers.

The film is tentatively scheduled to start shooting in December 2016 with an intended release date of Spring/Summer 2017.

The film’ production is also in the midst of a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo (, and will be hosting a fundraising party, “Psycho Sodomites”, on Saturday, November 5th, from 10pm-4am at Bizarre (12 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, NY. 11206). The event will feature performances by Aja, Biblegirl666, Ruby Roo, Mocha Lite, Felix & The Future, Cole and Will Sheridan. “Psycho Sodomites” will feature beats by Horrorchata and Hannah Lou and be hosted by Misty Meaner. Cameos in the movie, drag makeovers, customized items, and more will be auctioned and raffled at the event.

Visit for more information about Killer Unicorns from Anusburg and information about how to donate to the film.


12 Jefferston Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206