By JJ Mack

How did you guys meet?
Jeff: We met on Facebook. Matt and I had a common ex boyfriend, but we did not know each other. After receiving a friend request from Matthew I had realized from the first time I laid my eyes on his picture that he was the one I wanted to be with. Something like that has never happened to me before.

Tell me a little bit about the feeling of seeing each other for the first time.

Matt: It’s funny because before I met him in real life I had expectations and ideas of who I thought he was. When Jeff picked me up from the airport I remember the first thing I thought was, wow, he is just as beautiful in person. The second thought was, whew, I’m glad he’s tall. From that moment ‘til now Jeff has done nothing but affirm that he is my soulmate.

What’s your wish as a couple for the gay community, and what do you expect in return?
Jeff: I just want people to see that there is hope for everyone to find that special someone in life. They might not even be here in New York, but don’t settle, because they do exist. I would also like for people to see that a love like ours is one that never stops growing, which is why I want to get married, because a relationship should never stop growing as well. After getting married the next step would be to move, buy a house and start looking into having children once we are settled in our careers.

I heard you work together?
Matt: We work the weekends at Escuelita, Thursday through Saturday. Jeff got me the job because I didn’t come to New York free and clear of debt. So, Jeff hooked me up learning how to bartend with our friend Jayson Sylvanovich at Escuelita. We make a great team, and our crowd tells us all the time how much they love to see us working together.

Tell us about the proposal and your upcoming wedding.
Matt: So I knew from the start that Jeff was the man I was meant to find. I didn’t want to be that crazy boyfriend though that proposes two weeks in. So I waited two months instead. I had a day job at the time. During work I went to a jewelry store and bought a simple ring. On my way home I went to the florist and bought a rose and waited for Jeff to get home. When he did, I gave him the rose and said I wanted to sing to him. I said I was trying to be romantic. So, I sang a sappy love song from a movie, started crying like a girl while watching The Notebook and pulled the ring out. Jeff got it at that point, and when I got down on one knee he started to tear up, and when I asked he said yes. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t do the whole fancy dinner thing for the proposal. It was simple and in our home. Just me being honest and hoping that this man I loved, loved me too. So here we are. Our wedding is Jan. 13, 2013, here in Brooklyn.