The 15th Annual Glam Awards

Fifteen years ago I gave birth to an annual tradition that grew into the biggest and most glamorous nightlife awards show in NYC. Over the years we have honored the most talented and glittering creatures of the night. This year I’m especially excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary with three of my favorite nightlife stars as hosts of the 2013 Glam Awards on December 20 at Providence Nightclub. The acid-tongued hostess extraordinaire Bianca Del Rio, the amazingly creative and cutting-edge performer Thorgy Thor and the wittiest and most legendary Nightlife chronicler and columnist Michael Musto talk to me about everything Glam Awards!

What can you remember about the first Glam Awards show you ever attended?
TT: I know this is the 15th annual, but I am newer to NYC than Bianca and Michael. The first awards I attended was four years ago at Splash, may they RIP. I wore a dashing tuxedo look – 9 feet tall – and will never forget how Bianca made fun of a balding 20-something in the front row. It was pretty terrible, but I never forgot laughing way too loud and making him feel even more terrible. Apologies!

BDR: I don’t remember much. I drank far too much. All I remember is making out with Lady Bunny.

MM: I remember it was smallish compared to now, but it had the same feeling of fun, camaraderie and sparkle that makes the show special. Who knew it would grow like a goiter?

Did you ever think that one day you may be hosting the event? What was the most exciting part about being asked? And the most enjoyable part of hosting, if you have hosted previously?
TT: Actually, I’ve always seen myself hosting this event! For real. But, it took a few years for me to make a splash before I was on everyone’s radar. I was honored when you asked me to host this wonderful yearly event celebrating men in dresses and naked hotties! I was equally honored to be asked to host alongside Bianca and Michael!

BDR: The best part of hosting is you never have to sit and watch it! I mean, look at my co-hosts.

MM: I was thrilled to be asked to co-host a couple of years ago – so much so that I had about 17 outfits prepared by my friend, Christian Freedom, for me to switch into. Bianca was so over that! Jealous cow! The problem is that we were hosting on a wobbly box at Splash, and we entered after a pyrotechnic number, so the whole thing was a tad frightful and a little too Fire Island. This time, I’m prepared to soar – in just one amazing outfit, to make Bianca feel better.

The Glam Awards is known for nightlife’s best performers bringing their best performances to the show. What is your favorite/most memorable past Glam Awards performance?
TT: Well, mine of course, last year! Folks still come up to me and rave about it, so I did something memorable! I almost changed everything last minute, but it’s ALWAYS best to trust your gut as a performer and have a 20-foot Bianca Del Rio assassinate you on stage.

BDR: Thorgy Thor at last year’s Glam Awards. It was hysterical.

MM: The time Marty Thomas’ introduction was 40 minutes long! As I read it aloud, the audience looked like they were watching “Springtime for Hitler,” minus the laughs. Fortunately, Marty and his divas were great – they can really sing!

How important do you think winning a Glam Award is to the NYC nightlife community?
TT: Any award that is awarded to you based on the opinions of your peers and fellow NYC nightlife clowns is an honor to me!

BDR: It’s great to be recognized by our peers. They can be real shady.

MM: It’s a lovely recognition from your peers, but even just being nominated is nice. And even if you’re not nominated, there’s always the hope that you might be next time. It’s the perennial holy grail – something to aspire to, sort of like a winning lottery ticket or a rich husband who’s about to die.

How many Glam Awards have you won, and is there a certain win that meant the most to you?
TT: Well, I’ve won awards the past two years. First year I won Best Door Personality and Breakthrough Artist. Last year I tied for Best Host with Bianca – that BITCH! But, honestly I’d have to say winning for Best Door Personality at FWORD was my favorite – I had a fucking BLAST turning out different looks every week and greeting everyone who walked in the door! But, working the door is much harder than most people expect. You have to turn on your energy in 90 degree heat or a 10 degree tundra. It was cool to take that piece of plastic home and put it on my fireplace.

BDR: I’ve won 7, I think? The one that meant the most was, “CUNT OF THE CENTURY,” for obvious reasons.

MM: How dare you! I don’t count how many awards I’ve won! I’m not that egotistical! All right, I’ve won four. Well, really, three and a half because the first time I tied with Lady Bunny. I demand a recount!

Some people have insinuated that the awards are rigged or there may be favoritism involved. What are your feelings about that?
TT: I just make sure to mail my $1,500 check to Cherry Jubilee every year and now I’m HOSTING the damn thing!

BDR: I think it’s completely fair. I mean, I may suck Cherry’s dick from time to time, but she swears that doesn’t affect the voting.

MM: Basically, if you win, you’re convinced it’s all on the up and up. If you don’t win, you’re sure it’s rigged. As a three-and-a-half-time winner, I fully believe it’s completely honest … except for that thing about Bunny tying with me. Please!

What are your feelings about Shequida being honored with the “Living Legend” award?
TT: She definitely looks old enough to win a legend award, so I say rent a good wheelchair ramp for her and cut her mic when she falls asleep during her speech, or pees herself. Congrats Shequida!

BDR: I have no feelings, period.

MM: Well, that sounds better than the Rotting Cream Puff award. Kidding. Shequida’s a cultural treasure who’s been raising the bar (and RAIDING the bar) for ages. How many drag queens can sing live, let alone sing opera? And as Gary, he ain’t bad looking either.

What are some mainstream awards shows that you look forward to watching every year? And which do you not look forward to?
TT: I never know what’s going on until everyone else tells me. I’m always busy organizing my closet all day, or shopping! I always catch up on the red carpet FASHIONS the next day, when everyone says, “Really grrl, you had no idea the Oscars were last night?”

BDR: How long is this interview?

MM: I live for the Tony awards—aka the Gay Olympics—because I love show tunes and I’ve actually seen the shows. But I might start boycotting the Grammys since they absurdly made the Glammys change their name. Besides, I couldn’t care less about Mumford and Sons. Bring me glamour!

Bringing high fashion is a big part of any awards ceremony. Who always turns the best looks on Glam Awards night? Whose look are you anticipating seeing this year?
TT: Good question…me. Ha! I have a few ideas of what I’m going to wear. All involve lots of color and an all-day time frame! Or naked. We’ll see how I feel closer to the awards date. But, I feel like this year some of the NYC newcomers are excited about turning crazy looks! With photographers there, everyone will surely turn it!

BDR: Michael Musto, he always knows how to dress up a pair of flip flops.

MM: Acid Betty always looks like she visited the Woodbury Common on Mars, and when you soak in the glam ensembles sported by Epiphany, Dallas, Logan and all the other gals, you’re convinced that they don’t have penises.

The biggest award of the night is “Entertainer of the Year”. Who do you think should win this year?
TT: Everyone is biting their nails for this one! Bianca always takes it home – and it’s well deserved. She even killed me last year to take it home, literally. So, maybe a dark knight will sweep in and take the title … THORGY maybe? I heard she was fucking out of her mind! There are a few entertainers on the ballot that have worked their ass off all year, so I’ll be just as surprised as everyone else.

BDR: Sugga Pie Coco, cause she is old.

MM: If you think I’m going to answer that, you probably think I’m going to tell my boyfriend what I really think of his graphic novel.

If you could pick your dream team of three hosts for next year’s Glam Awards, who would they be and why?
TT: I would do anything to have Anna Nicole Smith come back from the dead and host the awards next year! Ha! Along with Snoop Dog and myself of course.

BDR: Dina Delicious, Marti Gould Cummings and Busted. Cause it would be a shitshow.

MM: Me, Bianca and Thorgy. If I thought we were right for this year, why wouldn’t we be the perfect combo for next year too (especially since we’ll be even tighter and more Botoxed)?

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Glam Awards?
TT: Honestly, the red carpet before the show! It’s ALWAYS incredible to see what everyone is wearing. And all the violent brawls that break out after the awards! Don’t miss it!

BDR: The liquor, as usual.

MM: Amanda Lepore showing up! Jason Russo arriving with a machine gun! Me not sucking!

The Glam Awards kick off at 9 p.m. on December 20 at Providence Nightclub (311 W 57th St. between 8th & 9th Avenues).

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