Review: Glam Skanks: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto 1/29/17


Bubbly, Effervescent, Adorable, Sexy, Tantalizing, Talented, Fun……only begin to describe the presence of the California based, all girl band, who are currently touring with Adam Ant on his North American tour.

Opening up with “GLAM”, they commanded the stage, and immediately the audience knew to expect the unexpected. Lead vocalist, Ali Cat, belted out all the songs from their new release, “Glitter City”, with her powerful, raspy voice, while the magenta haired, guitarist! Veronica Volume, intense, drummer Cassie, and high-spirited, Millie on bass, provided spectacular accompaniment.

The girls were wild and free spirited on stage, and essentially a blast to watch and dance to. The audience completely enjoyed their songs, as well as their seductive,  playfulness. All were left with a generally good feeling of joy.