Sherry Vine, one of the most creative, innovative and original queens on the New York scene, has announced three visionary new premieres on her queer TV network, just in time to celebrate Pride month.

The first, “Trade2Trade,” a salacious new talk show that will feature men as they strip down to the bare essentials. The second is somewhat of a “woman on the street” show called “Empty Your Sack, Queen,” which promises to be hysterically funny. Then finally there will be a show on the making of Sherry’s classic music parodies called “Poop Up Videos.” 

I caught Vine just as she was preparing to go to London. I was able to gain some insight into what goes on in her mind while she creates, and also about her YouTube channel at

Those three new shows you’re about to premiere sound like a lot of fun.
I hope so! Two of them are done and look great. The “Poop Up Videos” is just what it sounds like, totally stupid and silly. Francis, who directs my music videos, we just went back over the most popular ones—Lady Gaga, Madonna, Adele, some of the bigger ones—and just did some of the old-school videos like they used to do on VH1. We had little things pop up…poop up…as the video is playing. Then we kind of paused it and said, “OK, we’ve got to talk about this.” There are behind-the-scenes stories, some funny stuff…totally silly.

That had to be funny.
It was hilarious. I don’t watch my own stuff. We pulled up things from five years ago. We were cracking up. We once had 20 drag queens running through Columbus Circle. It was hilarious. Then the other show, which is done and ready to go, is “Empty Your Sacks, Queens,” which is our take on “Empty Your Purse.” It’s wildly popular on YouTube, a straight girl thing. It’s just kind of guerilla style: Corner drag queens and say, “Hey, Bob the Drag Queen, what’s in your purse?”

She’s a good example.
Hers was hilarious. I got a lot of the “Drag Race” girls, queens from New York. I try to get queens from out of town. I hope people like it. Then the third one, “Trade2Trade,” that will be ready in the middle of the month. From the beginning we knew we wanted to do something with half-dressed boys. We needed that element. You can’t really get away from it. You gotta have the skin; that’s what sells. It brings a lot of viewers to the channel. We wanted to do something different so that it just wasn’t typical. It starts off with a short interview. Then it segues into what we call a field trip. We did Chris Harder, who’s a burlesque dancer.

Yes, I’ve interviewed him several times.
He’s gorgeous. So we interviewed him, and then he took the host, and he did like the class. He taught him how to take a tie off and stuff like that. So that was the field trip part.

So most of the people we interviewed also have other jobs, like they might be a go-go boy who wants to be a fashion designer or a porn star who’s creating a line of jewelry. So here’s the way to get them naked, but also we highlighted the arts. So those are the three new shows.

How many viewers do you think you have?
Well, I know we have 40,000 subscribers.

That’s a lot.
It’s good, but it can definitely be better. Like, Willam has 700,000.

But you’re new, correct?
We just hit three months. We’re in the growth phase. Yeah, it’s totally new. We’re committed to doing a year. Josh and I shook hands, and he said, “Hey, queen, we’re doing a year.” So we really want to give it a year. As long as there is growth, then that’s good.

So you’re also doing something for Pride?
Hopefully that night or by the next morning we will have a whole video of that day. I’m never in New York for Gay Pride, so this is the first time in years. We’re gonna hit the parade and march and talk to people on the street. It’s gonna be a real, “Here we are at Gay Pride in New York City.”

Fun. So where can we see you live and in person?
Nothing’s changed there. I’m still at Therapy on Tuesdays with Peppermint. Wednesday is my solo show at Industry. I’ll be out at the Ice Palace doing a show once a month, actually with Peppermint also.

That will be amazing. When is the debut?
The first one we [did was] Monday, June 6.

Fabulous! And have a great trip to London!