Sandra Bernhard | East Hampton Performance on July 8

Set to perform in Guild Hall in East Hampton on July 8, comedian, actress, singer, TV personality, radio host, and author Sandra Bernhard is never disappointing. Fans flock to celebrate her sarcastic sense of humor, all produced and self written. Her material is always relevant to today, and her live execution joyfully celebrates laughter and sophisticated fun.
Now a successful live radio host, Sandra can be heard five days a week on SiriusXM Radio on “Sandyland”, (

Excited about her upcoming East Hampton gig “Feel the Bernhard,” as well as her August 27 appearance in Provincetown at Town Hall, Get Out! spoke to her in depth about what’s going on in her life at the moment, and what to expect at her performances.

So, East Hampton. How exciting.
Well, it’s been two years, and I like to do those kinds of places every two years. It gives people time to get excited about it again.

That’s a great gig, especially for the summer.
I know, it is a great gig.

That’s July 8?

Will you be doing the same show as you did at The Pines last summer?
No, it will be different. Every year when I do Joe’s Pub I gather new material. There might be a couple of things from last year, but I would say 90% new material.

Is there a name for the show?
I’ve been calling it “Feel the Bernhard.” It’s kind of funny, not to the political season, but it’s not particularly political per se. I don’t want people to think it’s going to be some sort of ongoing, boring night of hearing about how we all despise Trump and how we want Hillary Clinton. It’s just too much to talk about, and I don’t find it all that entertaining or funny.

What topics are you planning to focus on?
It’s very eclectic. A lot of it is based upon my first year doing my radio show on Sirius. Not so much about it, but stuff I’ve been writing about it. Like taking the subway every day. There’s a lot of stuff about traveling around by subway in New York, just having that different experience. Going to the same place at the same time, which is not what I normally do.

How is that radio show going? Are you having fun? 
Yeah, it’s great. I’m really enjoying it.

Who are some of your guests?
There’s just so many people. Everybody from Jane Fonda, to Lady Bunny, to Chrissie Hynde, Mavis Staples, I really just cover all of the possible territories of entertainment. Gloria Steinem, Dick Cavett. I’ve had amazing people on my show. Then there’s my down time friends: Nora Burns, and Isaac Mizrahi, Marc Jacobs, Bobbi Brown, Sandy Linter. It’s been major! One of my favorite guests has been Wendy McLendon; she stars on “The Goldbergs.” She’s been so excited; she’s such a big fan of mine. She’s been on twice. It’s been amazing.

Is this a forever thing?
Well, not necessarily. I’m still focusing on my acting, but for now I’m going to do it.

Last we spoke, you were pitching a series.
I’ve got another thing that I’m pitching. It’s with a producer right now.

You don’t look like the kind of person that takes no for an answer.
But even more than that, it’s just kind of the way things go. You kind of roll with the punches. It’s just the business.

Any Fire Island this year?
No. If you do the same things year after year, it doesn’t have the same kind of special vibe. I’ll just let it simmer a little bit. Oh, and thank you for the award. Sorry I couldn’t make it that night.

It was well deserved.


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