By  Jack Schroer

Faith Michaels’ name pays homage to two of the biggest pop stars in history: Faith Evans and George Michaels.“I saw a cassette tape with the name Faith written in gold,” explains the female impersonator-turned-music star. Faith Michaels’ latest dance track, “Go Home,” produced by Georgie Porgie, is on iTunes now. “I was mesmerized by the beautiful woman who sang such strong, powerful tunes. When deciding on a last name, I was torn between Lady Faith, because it sounded classy, and Michaels, because George Michaels sang about faith. For I’m guessing the first time in his life, George came out on top.”

According to audiences, what makes Faith Michaels’ stage shows so memorable is she does a little of everything. Michaels’ bag of stage tricks includes comedy, impersonation and something not many queens can claim – her own original dance tracks. Experience the sass for yourself when Faith Michaels performs at Stonewall on December 9.

You are one queen who has managed to gain fame without appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Well, that fame did not come easy, and it is still a lot of work. All I can do is put out quality material and hope people fall in love with it.

At this point in your career, would you compete on the show?
I would certainly compete on the show! Being on RuPaul’s Drag Race would get my name out there so much faster. The only thing is I can’t sew. My biggest fear would be getting kicked off on the first show because my sewing was so bad.

Do queens in the community support one another?
It depends on the queen. I have a lot of queens who have my back and want me to succeed at my music career. Some queens, though, can’t be happy for no one – but those bad apples disappear pretty quickly.

You’re performing Stonewall to support our local queen, Lauren Ordair.

It’s her birthday bash, and I can’t wait!  Stonewall is a huge part of gay history. I’m so honored to perform their stage.

What are you most excited about these days?
I’m thrilled to see my new single, “Go Home,” charting. I love that! The hard work is paying off.

It’s being called the season’s gay club anthem.
“Go Home” is a fun stay-out-all-night song. It’s a lot of fun to dance to and even more fun to perform!

Is life meant to be a non-stop party?
Life is meant to be lived. We should all do things that make us happy. We only get one chance at it, so make it count.



Faith Michaels performs her hits including “Go Home” as part of Lauren Ordair’s birthday bash at Stonewall Inn (53 Christopher Street) Sunday, December 9 @ 10 p.m. No cover. 21+ / proper ID required.