BY Stephen Mark Land Jr.

Scotty Em: where fashion, style, class and nightlife meet to party. Scotty has stretched his wings to provide parties to Westchester, Astoria, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. He is the true definition of what it means to be the life of the party; even in his quietest moments, he is serving. Make sure you check out Scotty’s weekly parties, and of course mark your calendars for Pride: Soaked is going to be hot!

As a promoter in NYC, what do you look forward to the most?
Jäger bombs. LOL

How did you get involved in nightlife?
Shawn Mazur actually brought me on to host a bottle at his rooftop party, SPF at the Dream Hotel, with Brian Rafferty four years ago. From there I continued to host until I eventually learned enough that I was able to begin producing on my own. I’ve met a lot of amazing people along the way and been afforded a lot of amazing opportunities the last few years. I’m extremely grateful.

What are your current running parties?
I’m currently at Atlas Social Club three nights a week with GA(Y)ME Night, Tha Boy and VERS, which has been amazing. I’m enjoying having a central place to call home, and I love working with my sister wives Tammy Spenks and Holly Box Springs, not to mention some of the most gorgeous go-gos in NYC.

You just announced a new party for Pride (with me!). Tell us about that. I’m very excited for Soaked at Sky Room.
It’s such a beautiful, expansive space, right in the heart of NYC, which is fantastic. It’s going to be a very lighthearted, easygoing event where anyone and everyone is welcome, which is what Pride is all about. Pride can be a very expensive weekend for many, so we’re not charging a cover to alleviate that. We have the very talented Scott James and Ryan Skyy spinning, Soaked boys giving out free Pump underwear and a ton more surprises.

What is the most important part of nightlife in your eyes?
Kindness, not just in nightlife but in the gay culture in general, especially on social media. Everyone is quick to judge, bash or assume they know what is going on in someone else’s life based on a photo, but I think it’s important to take a step back and treat people the same we would want to be treated.

Do you have any nightlife crushes? If so, who?
I’ll never tell.

Will you be traveling this summer? If so, where?
Yes! I’m so excited to go to Provincetown. I go every year, and it’s my favorite. I also have never been to Fire Island, so I hope to pop my cherry this summer.

Who do you look up to in nightlife?
Brian Rafferty. His events are legendary and are always so polished in terms of production. He’s very smart, level-headed, well respected and fun to work for and with. I’m looking forward to his events in Provincetown for 4th of July.