How did you get your start in nightlife?
It all started with a little-known club called Tunnel (LOL, JK). It all started when I used to hang out at Kurfew and Limelight and made friends with some of the staff and DJs, like Vito Fun and Steve Sidewalk, and it just snowballed from there. To get into the nightlife world, I took jobs as a bartender at places like Heaven and Stonewall before I eventually moved into DJing. Meeting Peter Rauhofer when I would hang out at Roxy, though, was what really pushed me to want to be a DJ.

Tell me how you’ve seen the scene change since your start.
I have to say that back in the day there seemed to be a more primal energy to the club nights. The scene was much bigger, and there was more diversity, because there were so many super clubs to go to, so the smaller places really weren’t the norm. Now things are smaller and more intimate, which I think is really cool, but as a DJ it can make it harder to stand out.

What would be a dream gig of yours?
I would love to create more of my own original music and tour performing those and other hits around the world, or be the opening DJ for a major artist.

You recently released “Wild Love” featuring Kim Boyko. Tell me about the single and the process of making it.
“Wild Love” is an upbeat dance song with a kind of ‘90s throwback feel about an unconventional relationship a good friend of mine has. It’s the lead track from my upcoming EP, “Vices.” I wrote it the summer of 2014 and co-produced it with my friend SoundsInsane. I basically sat on it, because I couldn’t find a vocalist, till 2015 when my brother told me I should talk to a mutual friend Kim Boyko, who is a science teacher in New Jersey and also performs with her band at The Stone Pony, where Springsteen is known. After that, everything just came together. I had done a few mashups on my own, but always felt that I could produce original music, so for me it was one of the most fulfilling things I have done. It’s almost like having a kid.

Where can people hear it?
It’s released worldwide right now, so pretty much every major platform has it: iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, I Heart Radio. I am actively trying to get it played on mainstream radio, so please feel free to email requests to Z100, KTU, etc.

What’s a common misconception people have about you or DJs in general?
I think people tend to forget that DJs are human, meaning that we have our doubts and worries when it comes to spinning. So many of my friends say that before they DJ or while Djing there are always moments of doubt. We worry what people think when we’re spinning. Nothing is worse than spinning that one song that kills your floor. Also, that our job begins and ends in the bar/club. DJing is 24/7. When we’re not performing, we’re home combing the Internet trying to find the next big thing.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while at a gig?
One time at a gig the DJ booth lost power, and I couldn’t figure out why. I was sure that their equipment just broke down, but soon discovered that my dancing in the booth knocked a cord out of the wall.

What do you like to do when you’re not spinning?
Truthfully, if I’m not at the movies, then I am usually either with my 2 1/2 year old nephew or in my studio trying to brainstorm and write music.

Where do you see your career in five years?
I see at least a few awards and two albums released internationally, and at least one #1 hit! So if you’re a vocalist with some chops, hit me up!

Scott Emrich

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