Currently touring with O Town, Pop, Glam, openly gay artist, Ricky Rebel, will be heading to New York to perform at The Get Out Awards on June 1st at “Boxers”.

Ricky was originally the lead singer of the boyband, “No Authority”, and has toured with Britney Spears. Ricky was also signed to Michael Jackson’s record label, as well as Madonna’s. Recently Ricky has teamed up with world famous DJ, Hector Fonseca.

So Ricky, how are you? I’m so glad you’re coming to the awards!
I can’t wait!

That’s so cool about the makeup company that you’re representing.

I love their makeup. I’m so glad that I’m working with a company that I actually believe in. I love their products.

So what are you up to besides representing a huge makeup company?

We’re opening for O town starting on May 19th to the 21st. Then we’re hitting San Diego, we will be in Phoenix, and were also going to be in Irvine. I met them very briefly when I was in “No Authority”. I’m preparing to do a blast from the past number, I’m thinking of doing one of my old boyband songs.

You should. That’s definitely the time and place to do it.

I agree, I agree. Right now we’re doing rehearsals. I’m tightening my dance troupe. I literally have 20 dancers on file. I’m making sure they are all strong and tight.

I’m so excited for you.

We’re doing Long Beach Pride. After that we’re opening for “Neon Trees”, which I’m excited about because I like “Neon Trees”. They are cool. Then we’re gonna start promoting our new video. The music video is stunning. I’m very proud of it. The director, especially, he did such a good job. It’s sexual, the makeup company is in it,….its sexual and beautiful all at the same time.

Well I’m just so glad you’re coming to New York!

Well every time I come to New York, you make it so special for me.

How sweet….

Join us on June 1st and welcome Ricky Rebel to Boxer’s  stage!