Comedian, author and advice diva Robbyne Kaamil sits down with singer/actor Lovari about what she has in store for the summer and fall!
You will be appearing in the off-Broadway show “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” as a special guest star in October. Which character will you be playing?
I am really excited to be a part of the production. I will be playing the wedding officiant, joining the boys in matrimony. I’m shopping for wigs now. I might dip into my rent money and get some human hair. That synthetic shit gets kinky so fast.  I wouldn’t want to look like a Hunts Point crack ho while I’m on stage. If any Get Out! readers would like to come to see my performances on October 11 or 18, they can use the discount code “gwkaamil” to get $20 of the ticket price at

Tell me about your experience on the Howard Stern Show.
It was fun. I got prayed up and rebuked all the demons before I went on the show. Satan will use anybody, and sometimes he jumps on Howard’s back. I think that’s what fuels his little mean streaks. But he was very respectful and gracious to me.  Thank you, Jesus.

Congratulations on your upcoming column! When will it debut?
Thank you. I was recently named the Official Advice Diva for DNA Magazine. My first column will appear in the August issue. The Australian boys decided they needed a black girl from Brooklyn to help them work through their drama.  As always, I keep it real and cut through the shit. I really enjoy helping people. Life is too short to be miserable or allow anyone to fuck with your happiness.  Let the choir say amen!

You have a new ebook coming out next month. What’s it about?
I will be releasing the ebook version of my poetry book, “Get Off the Titty.” It will include all of my popular poems like “Nigger With a Shopping Bag,” “A Tongue to the Anus” and “Ghetto Haiku.” My one-woman show “Raw & Real” is based on the poems in the “Titty” book.

You are one of my favorite comedians of all time. I’m excited to be co-hosting “Date Match: Finding Love Without the Apps” with you at ICON in Astoria, Queens. Tell them more about it.
That is so sweet to say.  I might have to leave you in my will.  I probably won’t leave shit but it’s the thought that counts. Date Match is going to be great. It is a dating game show that allows contestants to meet new people in a safe environment. We will encourage everyone that walks in the door to talk to each other and mingle. If you want to spend the whole night on Grindr, this is not the place for you.

I think many people are growing tired of the whole Internet dating scene. People don’t talk to each other anymore. They send texts. As humans we need more interaction than a mere app can offer. The weekly “Bachelor” has the option to go on a date with the match that the audience chooses for him or follow his heart and make his own decision. We have some great gifts for the audience and contestants from our sponsors that include: Wet International, Gun Oil, Screaming O, Good Clean Love and Falcon Studios.  We’ll be giving away lube, porn DVDs and vibrating cock rings.  I can’t wait. We kick off August 3.



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