My Big Gay Italian Wedding Welcomes Robbyne Kaamil

Off-Broadway smash My Big Gay Italian Wedding welcomes special guest Robbyne Kaamil.
Comedian, advice diva and singer Robbyne Kaamil will be making her second guest appearance on November 15 in the Off-Broadway smash production of My Big Gay Italian Wedding. The hilarious play, written by three-time Emmy Award winner Anthony J. Wilkinson, centers around the planning and subsequent matrimony of characters Andrew and Anthony, with belly-laughing dilemmas throughout the storyline and a zany cast of characters, most of which remind me of my own family – good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Kaamil will serve as the guest officiator during the nuptials, along with the assistance of an over-the-top, stressed out (and extremely funny) wedding planner appropriately named Maurizio LeGrande. The laughs in this production are plentiful, and the few dance numbers that appear are very well choreographed and include music by Billboard chart-topping producer David James Boyd (check out the soundtrack on iTunes). Although the play has a running time of two hours, it felt like much less because every scene is interesting, and the pacing moves extremely well. With a fine cast, great writer, catchy music, well-written lyrics and great direction by Emmy Award-winner Sonia Blangiardo (yes, that is two Emmy winners on one production), My Big Gay Italian Wedding is a great experience that will leave you in a humorous mood hours afterward. St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 West 46th Street, NYC. Special Appearance by Robbyne Kaamil on November 15. For tickets, use discount code GWKAAMIL at (a sservice of Telecharge).

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Photos by Jason Russo from HeyMrJason Photography


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