Robbyne Kaamil

Robbyne Kaamil, the newly appointed relationship/love advice columnist for “Playgirl Magazine,” was not only witty, humorous and kind hearted, but was given the gift of positive intuition and a love of helping people move forward in their lives.

So Robbyne, you are going to be writing a column for “Playgirl Magazine.”
So, I just got named their relationship expert, and I’m excited about that.

What exactly is that going to entail?
Well, I’m going to be helping people with their lives, which I’ve been doing for years. I also have a column in “D&A Magazine” in Australia. But I’ve been helping people with advice forever, because I started with one of my friends who had an online magazine. I said “Girl, you need to have an advice column,” and she said, “OK, you wanna write it?” So that’s how I got recruited and started giving advice. I’ve written stuff for “Essence Magazine,” and I’ve been an on-air expert with a lot of the radio shows. I really enjoy helping people, and I think people enjoy me just being straight with them. I don’t have a clinical background, but I give people basically confirmation on what they already are feeling and already know.

Confirmation is important.
Yeah, because I think each of us has a good sense when something isn’t right, when we need to move on, but we manage to talk ourselves out of it. When you have another party confirming what you’re feeling it just gives you the incentive to go ahead and act on what you knew all along.

What was the most difficult advice you ever had to give?
Once I was on radio, because I used to come on once a month and give advice. There was this young kid; he’d just come out, and there was no place for him to go, to hang out, to congregate with other guys.  He didn’t know what to do. He was so frustrated. I think so many of us, when we live in NYC or Miami or San Francisco, we take our freedom for granted.  It was a difficult situation, because it wasn’t one of those situations where I could give him a quick solution. I mean, he didn’t have the money to move. There wasn’t really too many resources for him there.  I usually like to give people solutions where they can move on it very quickly, and that was one of those situations where I couldn’t. I tried to boost his spirit, and tried to suggest going outside his town. There really wasn’t too much I could offer him.

But you sound like a very kind, caring person.
I do like helping people, and it’s almost like sitting down having a talk with your girlfriend.

I like that.
Most of us have the ability to see through things and see people, like I said. We talk ourselves out of things. We pretend that things are as we think we know they are – just the “go to get along” kind of thing, but you end up wasting more time when you don’t accept the truth.

That’s for sure
Yes, honey, cause things don’t get any better.

It would seem to be a big responsibility giving someone advice that will probably, if they take it, alter their lives. How do you feel about having the ability to change someone’s life?
Yes, it is a big responsibility, and I do take it seriously, and the thing of it is I’m honored that people trust what I say.  That’s why it’s important for me to try to offer solutions immediately, because the thing of it is that I think when they’re looking for advice or trying to get out of a situation, you try to do it as soon as possible, because you don’t want to keep wallowing in the misery. It is a big responsibility, but I enjoy it, and I think that’s half the battle.

When is your column going to start?
The column on “Playgirl” actually rolls out March 1. We just made the announcement on the website, and people are sending in questions, so I’ll select a few of those to kick off the first week.

What’s the website? and [email protected] for anyone that needs advice.

I think that’s going to be so much fun.
Yes, because the thing of it is, contrary to popular belief, people don’t have a lot of sources where you could go to and have people offer advice without being judgmental. The other thing too is sometimes some of your friends, you may tell them something in confidence and then they send out a damn press release and it’s all over.  The other thing is people don’t use their real names, but they know who they are, so it allows them the privacy. It allows them to get some answers without having all the judgmental stuff, people spreading their business when they don’t want or need that, and most of the times with therapy – they’re coming from a clinical background.  Sometimes it’s not always, depending on your problem, and their thing is, “Oh, work things out.” My thing is, “Honey, if you’re with someone and their raggedy and jacked up, sometimes you just need to leave, you just need to go.”  It’s no couple therapy, it’s none of that – and you just have to go.

So Robbyne, how’s your own love life?
Well, you know something girl, I had to do some spring cleaning recently. Listen, sometimes you just have to do that, so I want to look for love myself this spring.  I’m gonna help everybody get a piece, and I’m gonna get a piece for myself.

Well, you just go girl!
You do what you fear, and the fear goes away. Sometimes you have to clean house and start anew. The contestants in life change!

Do you believe in love at first sight?
You know something, I have not experienced it myself; however, I do believe in it, because I think sometimes people can connect on the spiritual level.  It’s a more spiritual thing, so I do think it can happen, and I do believe people when they say it’s happened.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Just let the children know that they can come to me.

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