Sheila Tack Trivia Kicks Off at Posh Bar & Lounge

Tuesday nights at Posh Bar & Lounge are anything but tacky, ESPECIALLY since Sheila Tack Trivia kicked off earlier this month. We caught up with Sheila Tack Trivia’s eponymous host to find out what to expect at trivia night at Posh.

What is Sheila Tack Trivia all about?
Hmm, how can I put this? Think of Sheila Tack Trivia like those inappropriate questions your mentally checked out grandma blurts out at the dinner table. It will definitely make you think and make you say, “Did she really just ask that?” It will range from different topics and themes. Sometimes based on if I happen to be portraying a character that night, like Joan Crawford from “Mommie Dearest.” Did I just hint at something?

 Three rounds, and everyone gets an answer sheet to write on. After the round is over, your papers will get graded. Yes, graded. Welcome back to junior high, kiddies! Whichever team has the highest score will win that round and receive their just rewards.

Now of course, there is no cheating allowed. No Googling answers. If you’re caught, you will be dragged (no pun intended) to the stage and put on Sheila’s Seat of Heat where you will have to go through any number of challenges to save yourself or your team from being disqualified. And I am never gentle. Us lady tops…a blouse, if you will…never are.

Sheila Tack Trivia just started, right?
The first show was July 8. And wherever Sheila Tack goes, there is always a crowd! Literally, twos of people will show up. Restraining orders make it hard for people to attend though, don’tcha think?

What kind of prizes do you give away?
Prizes will be just as unpredictable as all eight of my personalities. You could win an “I Heart NY” Statue of Liberty or even possibly one of my old wigs. However, the third round will hold a more lucrative prize: a date with me. No, I kid, but it will be nice. Dinner for two, theatre tickets. All things that are much higher than my salary in a year of working at Posh.

What makes Posh a great venue for Sheila Tack Trivia?
Because I have a cot in the main floor bathroom, which is also my dressing room. So I guess we could say it’s the convenience of it all. That smell that comes out of there is not my fault, I swear! I wash my panties, unlike some queens I know who will remain nameless…Mimi Imfurst. Ohhh, take that! 

Tell us more about you!
More about me?! Ugh, I feel like Whitney, and you’re that boozed up interviewer. What’s her name? Can I get sued for that? Well, I have been around for a while. Maybe not as long as some of the other Crypt Queeners (that was not a Lady Bunny joke, I promise), but I have slammed my heels down in NYC for almost eight years now. I’m notorious for doing different characters: Sarah Palin, Helen Keller…you never know who I may show up as. Or if I show up at all. Oh shit, I think I just got fired. But all in all, I’m about as well known as what’s her name who does that show over at that bar on some night during the week. You know who I’m talking about, right? Heh. 

Anything else you want to tell our readers?
I was once punched by an angry, drunk lesbian (are there any other kind?) who truly thought I was Sarah Palin at Pride one year. She knocked the glasses right off my face! Luckily I was numb from the copious amounts of alcohol I had consumed, so I really didn’t feel anything. K.D. Lang and I, however, are no longer on speaking terms.


Sheila Tack Trivia takes place Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. at Posh Bar & Lounge, 405 W. 51st Street in Manhattan, followed by Generation Z Tuesdays with DJ Calvin.

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