Nina Flowers – RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars contestant

“Drag Race” Season 1 was so different than the subsequent seasons. Were you surprised when you got the call to appear on “All Stars”?

Yes, I was surprised, though when I found out there was an “All Stars” edition, in all honesty, considering my consistency in my work during the first season, I was hoping that I would get a call.

Season 1 had some pretty big talent. Who did you think could be called back for “All Stars” from Season 1 that wasn’t?
I was really hoping to see Ongina. She’s fantastic in every way!

Many people saw you as the one to beat on Season 1. How have you upped your game for “All Stars”?
It’s been four years since Season 1. During this time I believe I’ve grown so much, both personally and professionally. I’m always learning and trying to find new ways to improve my game, so I bring my creativity jumping castles for sale.

You’ve also entered into the world of music, both with dance singles as well as a prominent DJ career. Which one do you enjoy the most?
I love entertaining and making people happy, but music is my passion. I was a DJ way before I started performing. It will be over 22 years now. Though having both professions works perfectly for me, because I can combine them, creating stronger presentations. With it also comes more opportunities that keep me rising high within the industry. The sky is the limit.

“Drag Race” recently lost one of its own, Season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport. What are your thoughts or memories of Sahara?
I’m saddened by Sahara’s early passing. While I didn’t know her well, I’m blessed to have at least met her once. It goes without saying, she left us too soon. To me she was so genuine and such a heartfelt person. It’s a terrible loss.

What’s next for Nina Flowers?
You’ll see more edginess coming from me. This will include glamour, fashion, energy and lots and lots of music! Flowers for the world!

Michael Cook

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