Chad Michaels – RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars contestant

You were part of the last season of “Drag Race” and are now doing “All Stars” back to back. How has your life changed since you appeared on the show?

Life has become quite a roller coaster since Drag Race! I’ve been traveling all over the country this year entertaining the Drag Race fans and really enjoying meeting all the children! It has been overwhelming and very gratifying to receive so much support and love from so many people. I’ve continued to evolve as an entertainer and have truly enjoyed being a representative of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

You came so close to taking the crown on “Drag Race.” How have you upped your game for “All Stars”?
I’ve upped my game for “All Stars” by letting my hair down! I have a better understanding of how the competition works now and the lengths one needs to go to to win. One has to be willing to go all the way and put everything on the line. My game plan for “All Stars” is to not hold back, show the judges the diversity of my craft, and also to show my vulnerability. I was criticized for being “too perfect” in Season 4. Let’s see if I can deconstruct in All Stars inflatable sumo wrestling suits!

What’s next for Chad Michaels?
First and foremost, what has always been: I will continue to entertain. My heart lies on the stage with my people, live and in person. I am an entertainer because I love people. To see their faces and interact with the fans has always been my reward. I will tour as long as I am in demand.

I have recently opened Chad Michaels “The Store” on my website, and offer some fierce T-shirts, iPhone skins and other Mother Dust memorabilia. Check it out! I also have my sights set on a talk show on Logo with Latrice Royale. We are working on a proposal as we speak, and I am hoping that we can bring something different and worthwhile to Logo and our fans! Stay tuned Dust Bunnies!

Michael Cook

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