Nikki Fierce

One of Long Island’s and NYC’s most promising drag queens, I give you Nikki Fierce. Her look and performances fit her name… Fierce!
Despite her “shady” childhood, she has risen above and beyond awesome. She performs in Long Island, Fire Island and New York City, and her popularity is quickly growing. She can make herself available at a moment’s notice as both a male go-go dancer and queen…

So why are you a drag queen?
Actually, the reason why I’m a drag queen is obvious – you all know I started as a male go-go dancer and I like being the center, of attention, I like being in the spotlight. So being a drag queen is another step up on the pedestal of being a celebrity in my own little world. People enjoy me as a dancer, so why not put on some makeup, wig and heels and show my other talent. It makes people happy, and I entertain people even better in my underwear. I have a different style every time I come out.

I know you had a rough little start in life. Tell me about yourself growing up.
I try to keep it hush, hush about me as a baby bound in red tape back in the Daily News in 1985 – with my mother being a drug addict. But, I was blessed when I was taken out of that environment, and my foster parents took me in and showed me a better life to live, and that was another stepping stone of being who I am now. Growing up was difficult because I was going from foster home to foster home. Finally, my family adopted me, and I believe that children shouldn’t have to go through all the chaos and be able to identify with who they truly are. So I got saved.

Are your parents supportive of what you do?
Well, my mom is paralyzed so she can’t really say anything about what I do – but my dad loves it, my whole family loves it. My brothers, not so much. But they talk about it a lot and show me off to people on YouTube and Facebook. But my dad always wants to dress me up, but if I’m wearing some slutty outfit he makes me take it off and says “none of my kids are leaving the house like a prostitute!” One day he called me a “tired ass hoe.”

Now, the world knows you have a boyfriend and that he’s supportive. How long have you been together?
Me and my boyfriend, Brian Ceretti, have been together for five years. Now most couples have their rough patches, but for him to stick with me and all my crazy BS that I go through in drag and as a boy – he’s just very supportive. He still goes to the store and buys me pantyhose, maxi pads and duct tape. He’s always there for me. I do love him and thank Brian for always being there for me.

What’s your biggest dream?
To be on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Any advice you want to disclose to your fellow drag queens?
The advice that I got when I first started was to never give up and stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone knock you down.

And who taught you to paint?
The first person who taught me was Monica Storm aka Michelle Perez. He taught me a lot in the four to five years I’ve been doing drag, and I’m still learning. He taught me how to paint, blend, cut out pads, how to do wigs – it’s hard but practice makes perfect – and Monica, I do thank you for teaching me that.

Anything you want to promote?
I want to be drag’s nextsuperstar. It’s been my passion since season one. Everyone says I have the means to do it – and I know I do. I just need the help and support from you guys out there – all the local clubs and bars and Facebook. I would love it for you guys to show me some more love verbally and online and every possible way! And I will never disappoint you guys.

There you have it, a brief and intimate look into the life of Nikki Fierce. Watch for her in the near future. Her talent as well as her beauty and creativity are unsurpassed.

Eileen Shapiro

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