Interview with Frank Carter by Rick Stockwell

It was my pleasure to shoot handsome Canadian model Frank Carter. He was charming, prepared, professional and one of the sexiest models I’ve ever photographed. Here is an interview I did with him.

Rick: Frank, you’re so amazingly hot! How do you do it? How long have you been working out? And how did you get into modeling?
Frank: Thank you! Gym is a passion for me. With motivation, effort and time, you learn what diets or what exercises work for you. For example – cutting carbs and sodium and about 2 hours of gym, 6 time a weeks, is what works best for me. I’ve been working out seriously for 7 years, but have always been active. It was a dream to have professional photos, so I gave it a try and really enjoyed it. I’ve been shooting for fun since 2015. In the future, I hope to be able to compete in a bodybuilding contest, model more and dance.

Rick: We wish you lived in New York! What’s it like living in Montreal?
Frank: I wish I had a house in a warmer place like Miami, Rio or California. In Canada it can feel like -30F on extreme winter days. Montreal is only a 1 hour flight or 6 hour drive to New York so I’m there about 5 times a year. The island of Montreal is a french-english speaking multicultural city with lots of festivals and good businesses. I don’t feel I’ve lived there my whole life because I love to travel; I’m often away.

Rick: Are you single? I know a lot of guys who’d love to meet you. Any chance you’ll be spending more time in New York in the near future?
Frank: Now I’m hoping for that special man to share our life together. I don’t fall for someone easily, but I’m a good guy with a big heart and I have lots of love to give. People can follow me on Instagram @frankcarter69 . I can be shy in person but I’m easy going. I will be in New York for Sunrise, an Alegria event, New Year’s Eve and Pride in June.

Rick: Not that I’m being a matchmaker, but what are your interests outside of working out and modeling?
Frank: I’m into true love that is based on the actions of a man who cares, by taking the time to always share affection. I’m interested in bodybuilding, sleeping, traveling, partying, pool, beach, spa, boating, relaxing, watching TV, shopping, and eating and xxx. Thanks to Get Out! magazine, my sponsors and to you, Rick.

Rick Stockwell

Rick grew up in San Diego and after spending his life running back and forth from coast to coast, he and his husband have been happy to call themselves New Yorkers for the past 11 years. As a photographer, he specializes in male physique photos, headshots of actors and models, as well as events and the occasional wedding. His passion before photography was acting and singing. Rick spent most of his life as a professional actor/singer/dancer. He has performed on Broadway, Off- Broadway, in national tours, TV and film, Las Vegas - and even worked as a Top 40 radio disc jockey. He picked up a camera when he discovered that shooting headshots was a better way to earn a living than bartending when he was out of work as an actor. It was only after he found he was making more money with photography that he decided to go full-time as a photographer. He was named the “hot new photographer of 2014” by Next Magazine in their end of the year WHO’S NEXT issue. He has done many covers for GET OUT!, NEXT and CLASSICAL SINGER magazine. He’s also been published in BEAUTIFUL MAG, DNA, 2BExposed and CSM magazines. He was inspired early on by the work of Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz.

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