House of Latex Ball By Sir Honey Davenport

GMHC and The Latex Project quoted Steven Sondheim, stating that their Enchanted Forest ball would be  “the place in which inner darkness is confronted and worked;  where uncertainty is resolved about who one is;  and where one begins to understand who one wants to be.”  Well, let me tell you, darling! The House Of Latex Ball was all that and more.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he House of Latex was created in 1989 out of a collaboration between GMHC and members of the ballroom community who were concerned about the growing presence of HIV and AIDS within the ball scene. In 1993 The House of Latex held its first annual ball, which has since become the largest ball in the New York City ballroom community.
In years past many celebrities have attended the Latex Ball, including Janet Jackson, Patricia Fields, Estelle and many more. This year many legends, statements and stars of the LGBT community showed up for this epic event, starting with the pre-show hosted by Harmonica Sunbeam with performances by yours truly (Sir Honey Davenport!), up-and-coming drag diva Divinity Banks, transgender rapper Foxxjazell and Zebra Katz.The runway was full of fabulosity and featured the fiercest ball queens from around the world. My favorite category was women’s vogue, where biological women from all around the globe served the runway. Not only were the kids voguing the house down, they were also turning some major looks. My favorite was Aaliyah Kiara DuMure St. Clair; her stunning all-white look garnished her the Latex Ball 2012 grand prize for best dressed.Everyone came ready to turn the party, but some of the real trophy snatching was outside of the competition. Many awards were given to celebrate excellence, outstanding, achievement and service to the LGBT community. My dear friend Louie Garay Jr. was honored with the Willie Ninja Supreme Award and showed up along side Grandfather Hector Extravaganza with a look made completely out of cutlery made by Sasha Meret Design. For more details about the winners of the night, check out!

The real T of the Latex Ball is experiencing high-energy and haute couture meeting the commitment to make a difference in the struggle against HIV/AIDS. Nowhere else can you see the excitement of kids getting their life on the runway as their house brothers and sisters cheer in support, right next to opulent displays of avant garde fashion and over-the-top makeup, all with the context of coming together as a community to support the fight against HIV. For me, that is what made The Latex Ball 2012 truly an extraordinary affair.

Sir Honey Davenport

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