Habibi – Man of Many Talents, Makes His Mark on New York

New York welcomes Habibi, a model, dancer and fitness trainer. An ex-soccer player, he became involved in the fitness world and decided to pursue it as a career. From the looks of him, modeling followed naturally, as did dancing. With a love of fashion and throughout his adventures, he found his way to New York, and has already collaborated with Queens and Brooklyn Pride events.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, model and dancer. I’m looking to keep moving forward to a better life. I’m full of energy and good vibes. I love to travel and getting to know new cultures, foods and people. I always find myself trying to learn new stuff. I like to meet new people whenever I can. Thank you so much, NYC, for welcoming me into your big, crazy roller coster!

What does your participation in New York Pride mean to you?
This past month I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Queens Pride and the Brooklyn Pride. It was a really interesting, fun, new experience for me, but I have always heard about New York (Manhattan) Pride, which is iconic all over the world. I feel that working there can be a great opportunity to connect with hundreds of people that are all connected with great vibes and energy, and that is priceless. Also, this can help me move forward on my journey as a dancer, model and entrepreneur.

What prompted you to come to NYC in the first place?
There are many reasons why I decided to come to NYC. The main reason is that NYC is the capital for almost all the stuff I like: fashion, business and creativity. I always saw NYC as the capital of the world, similar to Madrid. It’s a place where many people, many cultures, many points of view cross paths, creating this beautiful, nonstop, no-sleep place where anyone in the world can find their zone.

Tell me a little about your career and what you want to do with it in the future.
My career right now is divided into four areas. I know it sounds crazy, but I used to play soccer. I always found myself in love with fitness and health and the workout life. I played for many years, and when I decided to stop, without knowing, I realized I had collected a bunch of knowledge about my body and anatomy. That helped me realize I was moving in the right direction. A couple years ago I decided to try a passion that I had since I was really little, which is fashion and modeling. That is my dream job. I have been in and out of that for like a year, but I’m looking forward to what comes for me as a model. I wish I could get signed in NYC. Last but not least, I started dancing not too long ago when I had $0 in my pocket. I have been learning and working and looking forward to being part of the big circuits parties. Throughout this journey, I’ve been working and moving step by step to be that model-entrepreneur that I always dreamed to be.

What is your favorite thing so far about New York?
The food. OMG! I can taste something different every single day without running out of options. I mean, I can run out of money but not options to eat. I feel fat answering this one!

How is the gay scene in America compared to the one in your country?
To be honest, I never followed the scene really closely until I started dancing, but the gay scene here in America is way more openly gay friendly than in my country. It’s growing little by little, but for many it is still taboo.

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