Justin Luke Zirilli is the head promoter of and creator of the hugely popular Facebook group Gorgeous, Gay and Twenty-Something. His first book, “Gulliver Takes Manhattan,” was published earlier this year to rave reviews. In the first part of the “Gulliver” series, the novel follows its namesake protagonist as he moves from Los Angeles to New York City to escape an ex-boyfriend – and his experiences on the Manhattan scene once he hits the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

Gulliver fans are back for more with the recently released sequel, “Gulliver Takes Five,” which chronicles a night in the lives of six of Gulliver’s
companions from book one. In it, Zirilli refreshingly illuminates the multifaceted lives of gay Manhattanites with a depth only an insider could capture.

Both “Gulliver” books are Available on Amazon and Kindle.