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One of NYC’s freshest and youngest promoters, Romero Tragedy has taken the wheel oF NYC nightlife and is ready to turn the party. He is in the front seat of several big NYC parties and is joining teams with some big deal promoters and kicking black and latin nightlife into high gear. This week I caught with him to discuss what has put his career in the fast lane, and what has the kids racing to his parties.

How did you get your start?
Well, that’s a story in itself, but yeah, I was already a party monster, but not well known as one. Anyways, my friend and I were at Splash Wednesday for Blatino Night and we would talk about me possibly being a promoter. Yamil X was there, and I didn’t have the balls to ask him, so my friend went up to him and asked him. He was like, “Yeah, papi, let’s go!” That was the beginning of that!

Whats your favorite party in NYC?
I have many that I love, but it would have to be F#&K IT Mondays at No Parking. Why? Because it’s a house music party, in the Heights, mind you. I effing love house music!

Who do you look up to?
People who are taller than me! I would say there are a few people on that list, but one is Maria Dark, and the one that currently sticks out is you, Ms. Honeeeeeey!

What is your greatest career accomplishment?
I would say just having my own party was pretty big for me. It was a small party, but we made it happen. I mean, people still talk about it ‘til this day, and I met some great people there who still support me.

What kind of boys do you like?
I like my men with confidence. I always feel if you have confidence, there is some mystery to you. That always keens my interest. I like ‘em to be a little rough, not like a bad boy but with a bad-boy demeanor. That can be effing sexy as hell.

Where can we find you now?
F#&K IT Mondays at No Parking, CockFight Wednesdays at No Parking (right alongside you, Ms. Honey!), Revolver Saturdays at Club Element and randomly special guest hosting throughout New York City’s very diverse events!

///By Sir Honey Davenport

Get Out! Contributor

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