Marcelino Rosas is an international male cover model and has been published throughout Europe, Australia and the United States. He has just published a new novel, “Afuera: A Young Latino’s Journey,” about a young Latino named Roberto who comes into his own by being everything his tradition and culture tells him not to be. He struggles to understand and attempts to hide that which is in his heart. “From the outside, he seems to have the perfect life, but in fact, it’s all a lie,” Rosas says. “In a dramatic turn of events, it eventually all comes apart, but through sheer guts and determination, and his willingness to succeed, he triumphs over this darkness and starts a new life for himself.”

“Afuera” is a coming out story of a young man’s difficult relationship with an abusive father and simultaneously looks at modern teenage life, from school to sports to sexual conquests. Rosas shows us in “Afuera” that even if one has a dark side, even if they don’t fit in the way society wants them to, they have goodness inside of them, and all they need to do is let it out.


///Photo by Wander Aguiar


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