DESTINATION: FULL MOON is gearing up to be the biggest Halloween party New York City has ever seen. Taking place Friday, October 25, at XL Nightclub, DJ Tony Moran promises to whisk clubbers on a cosmic journey into the darkest depths of the night. He will introduce the Nocturnal Club Theatre, a perfectly synchronized visual extravaganza , featuring an original score by Moran (including his new dance track, “Valley of the Moon”), choreographed and sta rring nightlife diva Flava.

Also at the event, Moran will unveil his mix – the official dance remix – of Cher’s newest single, “Take It Like a Man.” We spoke with him to learn more about his latest Destination party, Full Moon.

Who celebrates Halloween better than New York?
No one! We’re all kids in NYC when it comes to Halloween.

How will Destination: Full Moon enhance the Halloween experience in New York?
New York has always opened its arms to new and creative events. We’re seizing on that desire for something dark and mystical, complete with elaborate shows and great music.

Why is Flava the perfect star to host Destination: Full Moon?
Flava understands what a Destination party is about: glamour, sexiness, intensity and anything new. I also love that Flava isn’t afraid to take chances and push the limits of NYC nightlife.

Can you tell us about the Nocturnal Club Theatre?
Imagine Broadway coming to the club! Instead of just music and lights, we’re presenting a seamlessly mixed in show with a storyline that will enhance your Destination experience.

You will also be premiering some new tracks. Does “Planet XL (That’s How We Do)” pay homage to XL?
The anthem was conceived for the dance floor at Destination. I consider it very NYC, very Destination. It makes me so happy when I see the song work on the dance floors of Amsterdam, San Francisco, LA, Brazil and all around the world. I love that the NYC sound translates everywhere.

The song everyone will be waiting for is the premiere of your remix of Cher’s “Take It Like a Man.”
First of all, I love everything Cher does, but with this new album, Cher proves she is on her best “A” game ever.

What direction did you go with the song?
Next generation anthem!

How does “Take It Like a Man” compare with Cher’s classics?
I honestly can’t compare Cher to herself or anybody else. She is showing no signs of slowing down or giving us less than everything she’s got.

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?
I’m leaving the dressing up to the team at XL and everyone in the crowd who wants to strut their stuff at Destination: Full Moon. I’m dressing comfortably so that I can turn it out right all night.

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