Canadian Eldon Thiele is the star of one-man band ZWERG. The singer-songwriter has been performing since he was three years old, and as ZWERG has released numerous critically acclaimed albums and videos and has toured the continent. Here he tells us about his new album, Whims ‘N’ Words, and what life is like north of the border.

How would you describe your musical style?
Piano-driven indie folk pop; however, the style changes with each album.

What is the concept behind this new album?
It’s an exploration of what goes on musically northeast of Maine. It consists of originals inspired by my life in Atlantic Canada, as well as covers of well-known Eastern Canadian songs. I’m proud of my Canadian roots, but I’m equally proud of my American heritage – my mom is from New York, and it’s always been my second home.

How is life different up in the Maritimes?
My partner and I live deep in the north woods, on a peaceful river, in a log home with a music studio and a nine-foot grand piano in it. We live in an area that is traditionally very conservative and close-minded, but that is changing. I was raised Christian, and I’m still a believer, but I ask why should people get their panties in a twist over how someone else chooses to live their life, so long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else? Judgement does not communicate or perpetuate love. It’s different if someone were harming themselves or another person in any way – then I think showing love would mean stepping in.

Who would you switch teams for?
Tori Amos, without a doubt.

ZWERG – Whims ‘N’ Words is available now
at CD Baby and iTunes