///BY Alonso ”Shazzam Gio” Giovanni / TWITTER: @Shazzam Gio

Having danced and choreographed for so many legends in the music industry, including Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, one can’t easily forget the standout talent that is Anthony Rodriguez. How could one NOT remember his solo  performance of “La Isla Bonita” during Madonna’s Drowned World Tour? Rodriguez has in more recent days begun to venture into the role of a vocal artist, singer and songwriter. It’s only logical then that he continue on his musical journey with this latest release.

Coming off the recently released “Gotta Love” single, Rodriguez is back on the scene with the longawaited EP “The Love Today Experience.” The EP features a sweeping remix of “Gotta Love” by DJ Milk and Biaggio Bachi (who add brilliantly to the already dance hit co-written and produced by Paul Wonder). Rodriguez had previously worked with Paul Wonder on the single “Boricua Lover,” released in conjunction with MisWax. With its infectious Nuyorican sound and distinct flamenco rhythm, the single found much success in the dance club scene. No surprise then in the mass appeal of Rodriguez’s latest single “Gotta Love.”

With this latest release, Rodriguez begins to unfold as an artist, creating some of his most memorable work yet. “The Love Today Experience” EP features musical gems and rarities, which at first listen are reminiscent of nostalgic tributes to dance pop culture. Rodriguez, embarking on his musical journey, transports the listener to an ever-changing kaleidoscope of beats. In “Keep On and Dance,” you’re transported to an island with flavored rhythms upon a dance-hall shore. In “La Fiesta,” you’re suddenly caught in a swirl of lyrical beats reminding you the party is here to start. In the epic “Love Is an Ocean,” Rodriguez proclaims the dance floor his home, and on the liberating “Own Ur Skin” he demands: “Got to be yourself and live in your own skin / Not somebody else.” With these inspirational lyrics and salacious beats, this track is sure to be the next big dance hit. Mark my words!

With his latest venture, Rodriguez incorporates his artistic craftsmanship in the realms of dance, composition and vocal performance,
rewarding the listener with a memorable listening experience. The muchanticipated album isn’t slated for release until September. But until then, Rodriguez will feature performances leading up to the album release and a long-awaited concert featuring music from the album.

The album is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Sony Music Unlimited, Rhapsody and more.