///By Tom Tietjen

Joe Gauthreaux understands clubbers go out to have a good time. “That ’s what I tell myself when I go into the booth – make it fun,” he says.

Sometimes that means a full-on banging tribal set, other times it’s lots of anthems and some EDM-styled tracks. “I want guys to think the experience was worth the cover charge and the long line they waited on to get in,” he says.

Experience a night out with Joe Gauthreaux when he spins Viva on Saturday, August 10. What do you love about spinning at Viva? Nothing beats a New York crowd, and certainly nothing beats a crowd at Viva on a Saturday night. You can really take the crowd on a journey and play those super intense tracks that you can only play in a big room.

A lot has changed since you played NYC in June. How do you feel about Splash closing?
Of course it’s a little sad, because that was the first place I ever DJed in New York. Like they say, you never forget your first.

Do you have a favorite Splash memory?
Probably meeting Frankie Knuckles upstairs in the DJ VIP area for a Billboard function I attended there. It was me, Frankie and about 20 other DJs. That was one of the moments I realized how far I’ve come in my career. It was really cool.

Will you swing by to say goodbye?
I’m sure I’ll stop by at some point.

How are clubs like Viva taking NYC nightlife to the next level?
It’s been years since New York has had a big room Saturday night like Viva, and they certainly have never had a big room like Viva where the DJ is on the stage with huge LED screens. It’s like what you’d see for huge DJ shows by Tiesto and Avicii.

Do you foresee a return to the big room era?
Absolutely. Viva promoters John Blair and Ric Sena know what you’re doing. They’re definitely the best, and I’m super lucky I get to work with them. In fact, right now I’m creating my own video show for gigs with LED walls. So many more clubs and events have then now, which was unheard of five years ago. I’ll be debuting part of my show at my Viva date.

It’s been nearly three months since the passing of Peter Rauhofer. Is the dance industry still in mourning?
I don’t think the shock of something like that ever wears off, especially something that was so sudden. There are certain tracks by him that I still can’t play.

Where is your musical focus these days?
Right now I’m in the beginning stages of producing and writing my own tracks. It’s been a goal of mine since I started remixing. I finally feel ready to take the next step, so wish me luck there.

We also need to wish you a happy birthday! How will you celebrate?
As always, I’ll be working. I’ll be in D.C. the actual night of my birthday, which is August 16. But I’m definitely celebrating with all my New York friends at Viva on August 10. You don’t wanna miss it!

Joe Gauthreaux spins Viva Saturday, August 10.

Joe Gauthreaux’s TOP 10
1. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (Joe Gauthreaux rework)
2. Robbie Rivera – Summer Night in July
3. Natalia Yuri – Scream for Love
4. Edson Pride – Hang On
5. Mariah Carey – Beautiful (Joe G rework)
6. Taylor Swift – 22 (Private Dub)
7. Jason Chance – Feel It in the Air
8. Africanism – Together Forever
9. Kristine W – So Close to Me (Joe Gauthreaux Club Mix)
10. Tiesto – Take Me