Sandra Bernhard: August 15th at Fire Island Pines (One Night Only)

August 15th at Fire Island Pines One Night Only

The ever-popular and always hysterical comedian, actress, songstress and author Sandra Bernhard will be appearing one night only at the Fire Island Pines at the intimate and secluded Whyte Hall. She will present an intimate array of comedy with a splash of song and her special, sparkling variety of laughter. Tickets are nearly sold out, so don’t delay!

The name Sandra Bernhard has become synonymous with the phrase “OMG, I love her!” from random people everywhere. Shortly after her Fire Island performance, she will be whisked off to P-Town, where she will be performing at Town Hall, on August 19, and will be their Carnival’s grand marshal. Opening for Bernhard will be singer Anne Steele.

You will be performing #Blessed At Fire Island on August 15?
I’m excited. It’s fun to come out there, but I’m literally coming in and out. I have to go to Provincetown the following week. I think the big difference between doing a normal gig and doing one on Fire Island and Provincetown is obviously you can kind of really take the gay element as far as you want to, because that’s what it’s there for. It makes it exciting and fun and unique. I think in terms of these venues, they are just custom-made for me.

I understand that for those who purchased VIP tickets there is going to be some kind of cocktail party beforehand.
I’m sure that’s the case. Yeah, I don’t know specifically what that includes, but usually people get together earlier, then do a meet and greet and then segue into the show.

You will be appearing at Whyte Hall.
I’m excited about that, because I know they had a fire at the Grove. It seems that Whyte Hall is more of a theater seating.

Yes, I think so. It’s very intimate and secluded. Then you will be off to Provincetown, where you will be grand marshal at their Carnival.
Yes. I’m doing a show at Town Hall, where I used to perform. Then for years it was under renovation. So I will be there with the full band and doing my show the night before. I was just in Chicago doing materials that I wrote. I’ll be back at Joe’s Pub for the holidays again. I’m constantly writing new material. It keeps me on my toes and keeps the audience engaged. I think that my work is a real reflection of what is going on culturally. I just try to keep it fresh.

I feel like people are more aware of your talent now than before.
With social media, people immediately spot your work. The Internet really keeps you known forever. That’s the great part about it. The thing I don’t like about it is people getting into the Internet wars. I think it’s such a waste of time and stupid. The good thing about it is that people get to see your work and also get to know a sense of history that they wouldn’t know otherwise. When you are in the world it’s like a library. I think it is a great thing!

I expect to be there on August 15, and I am sure you will have a blast!

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