From the words of Michael Musto, ( magnificent columnist of OUT magazine), during an interview “Anything Meryl Streep does is enchanting”. Portraying Ricki Rendazzo, Ms Streep is an electrified rocker, (who looks amazing in this role), who had left her children and x husband to follow her dream. When her daughter’s husband leaves for another woman, Ricki returns home, almost penniless, to console her now all grown up child. In doing so, Ricki faces a slew of emotions and surprises curtesy of the rest of her strangled family.

Meanwhile back in L.A., where Ricki performs with her group The Flash, we are treated to a tender, although sometimes explosive love story between Ms Streep and Co Star, real life rocker and actor, the sexy Rick Springfield, who though his love and generosity, helps Ricki make amends.

Each of the characters in the film were spot on, believable, and able to form a bond with the audience. Mamie Gummer, Ricki’s daughter,(and Streep’s real life daughter), was volatile, stormy, frenzied, fiery, yet easy to get attached to, while x husband Kevin Kline, was sensitive and eventually likable.

One of the most delicate and heartfelt performances however was that of Greg, played by Rick Springfield. Each and every word he delivered in the film was packed with sensitivity and love, and true emotion.

Pleasantly surprising, Ms Streep sang and played guitar as though she had been a rock star all of her life. Generally the film was entertaining and fun. Although many of the issues in the film were predictable, when they happened you were still surprise by the special twists added.

I had a blast watching the movie. I enjoyed watching Streep conquer her guilt, her homophobia, and and her consequences. The film definitely holds your attention and the cast was magnificent.