Pedro It’s been a while since your last cover, are you still at Barrage in HK? Yes! And I’m glad to be on the cover again I love get out magazine and all the info that offers to our community. I still work at Barrage it’s been over a decade, it’s like my second home, where I’ve met the most wonderful people through all these years! What nights are you there and are you still doing your Latin party at Barrage? I’m the general manager and also work as a Bartender from Thursdays to Sundays mostly happy hours. We have two happy hours at Barrage from 5-8pm and from 11-midnight, everyone is welcome to have a great time, watch our music videos, listen to our talented DJ’s and try any of our featured cocktails. I still do the Latino parties of course one or two Sundays a month it’s been a tradition for over 4 years already, people love the energy and the music that DJs Diogo Ambrósio and Emanüwell bring to our venue. Any plans for your Birthday party? Cover release party ? My next Latino party will be on January 20th just in time to celebrate my birthday that Sunday. Hope to see you all at 5pm and celebrate with me and all the hotties that go to Barrage and dance trough the night. What do you have planned for 2019? I’m very happy with what I do, thankfully our clientele “old and new” enjoy our parties very much, for 2019 I plan to continue bringing diversity and fun to our bar. Barrage is a neighborhood bar but I want to do more than that, bring people from all over to visit us and have a great time, we have from special frozen drinks Mondays and Tuesdays, DJs during the weekends, Latino parties every other Sunday so it’s a good package to offer to anyone who wants to have fun and meet new friends at the same time, bring a big smile to everyone who walk out that door is my goal and make them want to come back for more fun, that’s my job, create, innovate and give them the best I can offer as a manager and promoter. How has the nightlife changed in HK, in the last 3 years? The nightlife in Hell’s Kitchen has been improving durning the last 3 years, I love the fact we have a good number of bars old and new in our neighborhood! There are plenty of choices and styles for everyone. And thanks how it should be, I don’t look at other bars as a competition I see the as a complement to our community, I see it as a whole, we work together for the same purpose that’s give to our community the best of us is order for them to have a great time. We at Barrage bar welcome everyone with open arms and we make them part of our family, our staff is kind and good looking hahaha that’s a plus for an eye candy. We have to enjoy life, every minute of it, and if I can contribute to give a smile and great time to my clientele, I’m happy with that. @pedroalvaradony @barragebarny


Diogo How long have you been promoting? I started four years ago along with Pedro Alvarado at Barrage bar, where still I work as a DJ at the Latino parties one or two Sundays every month. Let’s start with the new Chelsea weekly Friday night party—I must say, it really made a huge impact in Chelsea. Tell me about Friday nights at Boxers. Latinos and lovers of Latino music were looking for a new party, so me and my friend, DJ Lagreca, had a meeting with the managers of Boxers bars, and now we have a party called ATRÉVETE, and it’s happening every Friday at Boxers in Chelsea with the best styles of Latino music—new hits and classic ones as well, especially styles like reggaeton and salsa. Whoever is looking for a caliente night, this is the right party to attend, with the hottest Latino men and also go-go dancers through the night. You also do a monthly party at Rebar. What is that like? Yes, PEGATE is a monthly party. It takes place the first Saturday of every month at Rebar in Chelsea. PEGATE is a Latino/pop party with the best hits of different genres: reggaeton, pop, pop Latino and dance music. PEGATE is also different with its great themes for each party, like Cinco de Mayo, luau fiesta, Dia de Los Muertos and more! With a year of existence, PEGATE is a great event for the lovers of reggaeton, pop/Latin music and the divas latinas. PEGATE is a party with a very diverse crowd: Latinos, Europeans, Americans in general and guys from around the world. Everyone has a place to enjoy the most fun party in NYC! What other parties are you doing and with whom? I have new projects to start 2019 and also continue, along with Pedro Alvarado, the famous Latino parties in Hell’s Kitchen at Barrage bar. I’m working right now with other promoters. I had a party for New Year’s and worked with the promoters Manny Fierro and Max Damian. It was a success! What are your plans for 2019? I’d love to work together with new promoters and take my parties to other states and cities, even other countries, and do what I love the most: bringing fun parties and great music mostly to the Latino community, who play a very important role in this great country. Since you started promoting, what major changes and obstacles have you overcome in the NYC market? To have parties on Fridays and Saturdays, for me it was a success. We only had Latino parties during weekdays in the city. It was a nice change, something new during the weekends. It took a lot of work. The market in NYC is not easy; it takes time to study what people want to listen to and dance. For example, Brazil has its own styles and language, so that’s a type of music. Also, there are specific songs for every country they want to listen to. We also have non-Latinos at our parties, and we want them to feel they’re part of our fiesta and have a great time, so our job is to put together a great playlist and mix all those songs to have a successful and fun party at the end. I love what I do. Latinos are fun, great people with a wonderful attitude and feelings, and it’s great to learn from every culture through their music! Any plans for WorldPride? Probably a special party for that week, like I did last Gay Pride weekend. A special pride edition of PEGATE at Rebar in Chelsea, also along with the producer Yamil at Copacabana in Manhattan. I’m open to create more and work with other promoters to bring the most fun time at our parties. @Diogoalbs @Diogo_productions