Picture thousands of hot men and women adorned in Halloween costumes, coming from near and far, dancing, partying and being showered in milk, all in the most spectacular venue in NYC. Well, on Saturday, November 1, such an extravaganza is set to take place. 
Patrick Crough and Jake Resnicow, the fabulous, high-end promoters of this amazing event, gave us a sneak preview of what is about to go on. This party promises to be the event of the century. Don’t miss it!

So tell me about this party.
Crough: LaLeche is known worldwide as being one of the sexiest parties in the world. It’s one of Matinee’s signature parties. We’re basically bathing people in milk, which has a lot of connotations as you can imagine, but that’s kind of the whole highlight of the party. As the creator of this, I always have a lot of fun, and especially now that we’re mixing it with Halloween, it’s gonna be something over the top. It’s gonna be really special.

When people walk into the venue, what can they expect?
Resnicow: We are really excited to do the event at Capitale, which is one of the most historic venues in NYC. It used to be the Bowery Savings Bank. It’s a spectacular room with massive ceilings and tons of history. It’s really a spectacular historic venue, and it’s one of the rare opportunities that the boys have, the opportunity to take it over for Halloween and have an amazing party.

What’s the address?
Resnicow: It’s 130 Bowery. There’s no venue in NYC like it.

Is this for “boys” only?
Resnicow: No. Any event/party that we do, of course because we’re gay promoters, are targeted at the gay audience. Well, what makes Matinee so great is that it’s a really mixed crowd. I think of all the gay parties in NYC, Matinee welcomes everyone

Now tell me a little bit about yourselves.
Crough: Well, I started doing Matinee… it’s kind of a funny story. It all started for me when I was in college. In 2007, I studied abroad in Barcelona. While I was over there I started doing a couple of gay parties. I was promoting and dancing for them, as an exchange student. It just so happened that Matinee, who I was working for, was the parent company. I moved home and finished school and moved to NYC. I opened up one of the gay rags and saw an ad for Matinee doing its first party in North America for gay pride, and I got in touch with the producer, who happened to have been Jake, told him my history with Matinee. He brought me in, and one thing led to another. Here we are five years later doing parties together.

Now are you two partners? Or are you partners?
Business partners. “We’re thrilled to be working closing with very talented promoters Mike Shensky and Joe Roszak,” the boys tell us.

So Jake, you’re the producer?
Resnicow: We both are, yes. Matinee is also the biggest gay party in the world. In August they do over 70,000 people with their signature event, when they take over a giant water park. We’ve been doing the USA events for five years now. We have the biggest event in Las Vegas in May. It’s the biggest gay dance festival of the summer, and we also have a huge event on Governor’s Island in June, which we were excited about when we were voted “Event of the Year”.

Congratulations on that!
Resnicow: We’re very selective about the events we do. We do only two major events, being Pride and Halloween, and we’re sure to give everyone an amazing experience.

How many people do you expect?
Crough: Thousands!

Thousands, wow. How long does it take for you to plan one of these events?
Crough: It’s quite a challenge. With years we’ve learned how to kind of streamline it a bit more, but it still definitely is a challenge. If it feels like it’s getting easy, we usually find some way to one-up ourselves.

Do you expect special guests, celebrities?

Crough: Actually, we’re talking to some people. After you we have a meeting that’s got some whispers of some possible VIP tables and maybe surprises so…

Resnicow: I think what makes Matinee so unique is it’s a truly immersive experience. The production is just out of this world, and everybody’s gonna come in a Halloween costume. We’re having a Halloween costume contest. The winner is going to win free tickets to all the Matinee parties in 2015. It’s gonna be really unique.

It sounds so amazing.
We’re also excited to team up with LYFT and HAILO to offer everyone free rides to and from the party

Anything else we need to know about?
Crough: When we first started doing Matinee, I’ve always wanted to do a Halloween event, and things never quite added up to be able to make it happen – not here, not Miami, not Toronto, nowhere in North America were we able to pull off a good date to make it a Halloween party. Now we’ve got Saturday night, Halloween weekend, one of the most amazing venues in NYC, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to pull off this amazing production. I have a theater background, and I’m a creative guy. That’s what I bring to the table between Jake and I. This is something that I’m beyond excited about. I feel like I kinda always say that about events, but this, I’M EXCITED! I’m surely gonna throw something special.

Resnicow: Have you been to a Matinee event yet?

I haven’t.
Resnicow: Oh, we’d love for you to come. You’ll really be blown away by what Patrick does.

I’m there! Who are your DJs?
Crough: DJ Cindel and Taito Tikaro. Taito Tikaro is one of Matinee’s all-star DJs. He’s a really fun, high-energy vocal.

What’s your next event? Any ideas?
Resnicow: I think all of our energies are focused on Halloween, a party not to miss.

This sounds like the best party ever. I mean, EVER!
Resnicow: It seems like everyone creeps out of the shadows for Halloween. Professional people that don’t really come out, it seems like Halloween and New Year’s Eve is the time. So we’re really excited to pack the room with a lot of different people from different walks.

Do you expect people from out of state and such?
Crough: Oh, yeah, for sure. Matinee is a worldwide brand. Jake and I really pride ourselves on what we’ve built in North America, and people definitely come worldwide to check out what we’re offering. When you come to a Matinee party you see so many hot men and women from all over the world. It definitely draws a real fun and sexy crowd.

LaLeche NYC Halloween 2014 kicks off on Saturday, November 1, from 11 p.m. – 6 a.m. at Capitale, 130 Bowery in Manhattan.

FREE RIDES TO MATINEE COURTESY OF HAILO (sign up with code: MATINEENYC) and LYFT (sign up with code: JAKE3068)!

Be a part of NYC’s biggest costume contest of Halloweekend with prize packages worth over $25,000!

ACTION! Afterhours at Studio XXI (21st at 6th) immediately follows MATINEE with DJ Billy Lace and a special surprise DJ.

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