You’ve partied with them at Matinee.Now follow them on their biggest journey yet to Brooklyn! I sat down with Patrick Crough and Joe Roszak to get a sneak peak at the second installment of Mr. America on January 16 at ONE77.

What can we expect from the second installment of Mr. America?

Joe Roszak: You can definitely expect an experience filled with AMAZING music featuring the talents of Serving Ovahness coupled with hometown favorites, Donkey.

Patrick Crough: I always like give the DJs some direction so they can explore new things with their sets. With Mr. America, I’ve set a road map that will push the DJs to create a unique sound for the party, while staying true to their sound. These guys are pros: Tom Stephan and Dawson certainly set the tone the first time around, and I’m really looking forward to hearing what Donkey and Serving Ovahness serve us. You can also expect another high-brow production that will push some boundaries and get the boys thinking.

Was it a purposeful decision to have the party in Brooklyn, outside the Hell’s Kitchen “gayborhood”?

Joe: Brooklyn is where big things are happening right now. There’s definitely something special about ONE77. When we first walked into the venue, we knew immediately that it was perfect for Mr. America: great size, sound, layout, etc. 2016 is all about new experiences and venturing out of that comfort zone. We love Hell’s Kitchen too; not only have we thrown a bunch of parties in that area, but we also both live in HK.

Patrick: Everything is pushing its way to Brooklyn. And it’s not just because Brooklyn is the “It Girl” right now; it’s also because Manhattan is literally running out of venues. As a producer, there are very few spaces to choose from – and the ones that are around are asking for way too much in exchange for the space. Brooklyn also is the natural choice for Mr. America. It’s edgy, current, urban, raunchy…just a few of the things I envision Mr. America to be.

What do you think the hardest aspect of being a promoter/producer is?

Joe: For me the hardest aspect is also one of my favorite aspects. Being a producer/promoter is not a job that you have a set amount of work and you are done. You are really never finished with your work; there’s always something else you can do, make something better, promote more, etc.It’s hard for me to rest when I feel like something is not done or is incomplete. It’s really hard to accept the idea that you’ll never really be finished with your work.

Patrick: It’s a 24/7 gig.
We’re all eagerly awaiting the next Matinee. Can you spill any details?

Joe: We have been able to really get a jumpstart early this year with planning out our calendar of events. Our next Matinee event is coming up sooner than you think, with a super high-energy theme, in one of my favorite venues in the city! You’ll definitely be hearing all about it very soon! Trust.

Patrick: There’s a lot in store for 2016. We recently announced Offer Nissim for Matinee Pride in NYC. We’re also returning to San Diego in September for the Matinee San Diego Festival, and of course Matinee Vegas over Memorial Day just keeps gettting bigger and bigger. We’ll be returning there to the WaterPark in a whole new way. Much exciting happening!
Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Joe: I have a few, but one of my resolutions is to go to a new bar, party, club or even have a new experience that is different than what I feature in my current routine once a week. In NYC alone it’s so easy to get caught up in the same cycle, going to the same parties, bars, clubs, etc. There are so many different experiences and moments to be had. I’m open arms, mind and legs for 2016.

Patrick: Biggest goal is the success of all my projects, including this new one, Mr. America!

What is something about you that would surprise people?

Joe: A lot of people are surprised when they find out that I used to work in education as a teacher and then eventually climbing the DOE ladder with two post-grad degrees.

Patrick: I’m from Kansas, which not many in NYC can say.

With the party and the after party and the after-after party, when does it ever stop? Do you think it’s becoming too excessive?

Joe: I love a good party, so long as people are having fun and enjoying themselves while keeping some type of balance in their lives. I don’t consider the after-after-after-afters excessive. Life should be one great big party. You should always have some music, good lighting, amazing friends and positive energy around you!

Patrick: Different people party in different ways, and that means at different hours of the day. A few years back there was a majorly promoted party every day of the week in NYC. Now, the weekends and special events rule. It’s all an ebb and flow that will again change eventually.

What makes Mr. America different from other parties? 

Joe: The new semi-monthly Saturday night party unites the five boroughs at a dirty new escape in Brooklyn. A dark-humored party that pokes raunchy fun at itself and toys with the dichotomy of our lives as gay Americans. Mr. America blends different people, fresh beats and curious production to create a new party experience.

Patrick: I’ve purposely aimed to make Mr. America different from any other party out there. Mr. has his own identity, and as people get to know the party, they’ll definitely be coming back for more. It’s a new beat. It’s a new kind of production. It’s a new crowd.

It’s your night off: Where do you go?

Joe: You can usually find me out at a party or hanging out at home with good friends, tons of food and a lot of girl talk.

Patrick: Brooklyn: Output. Warehouse parties. Pop-up parties. Et cetera. With Mr., I’m creating a party I myself would want to go to.

What would your drag names be? 

Joe: Joe Roszak. [laughs] The only time I’ve ever done drag, Pusse Couture dressed me in a gorgeous Twix dress, so I went by Twixie that night.

Patrick: Oh, wow. I think I’d have to get into it first and let inspiration for the name come naturally. Or I might just defer to Rify on that one. [laughs]
You’re on a deserted island and you can only have one thing. What is it?

Joe: A pack of Marlboro Lights and suntan lotion.

Patrick: A genie in a bottle.

You’ve both been in the business for quite some time. How have you seen the scene and the clientele change over the years?

Joe: There’s a lot less FOMO (fear of missing out). Kids don’t mind staying in, going to a bar or just hanging with friends. When I first moved to the city (quite some time ago), it seemed like everyone went out to the hotspot that night of the week. A leisurely night in was never an option. Times have changed. Kids can go on an app to meet new people and get Ms. Kitty tickled. Which makes producing/promoting parties and events that much more challenging, because you want to constantly keep things new and fresh to give them a new reason to come out.

Patrick: People used to go out on the regular to bars, clubs, etc. More and more people want to go to a special event, something they can go and blow their load (in many ways) versus the consistency of hitting up a weekly party. I think New Yorkers especially have learned that this is smarter for their pocketbooks and smarter for their day-to-day lifestyle.

What do you think it is about Matinee that keeps people coming back every time?

Joe: Mr. America is not a Matinee event, just FYI.  But Patrick and I have obviously learned a great deal from producing Matinee events. I think people keep on coming back because they really appreciate the amount of production that goes into these events. Going to a Matinee event is going to be an experience, not a casual night out: not your typical venues, bigger sound and lights, great music and a reason to turn a look.

Patrick: We always make sure there’s a high bar. And we always make sure to exceed it. People have learned that’s what they’ll get. And they trust our consistency.
Okay, Tea Time. What’s the shadiest thing that’s ever happened to you in your nightlife career? You don’t have to name names. 

Joe: OH MY BABY JESUS.Let’s just say you literally cannot make some of this stuff up. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. This is certainly not the career for you if you don’t have thick skin and a good therapist.

Patrick: Pleading the 5th.

If you could set the record straight on something, what would it be?

Joe: I’m a confusing case, because I have multiple different business partners and partner with a range of producers/promoters. I partner with Patrick Crough for Mr. America, Patrick and Jake Resnicow for Matinee, Brian Rafferty for Everything and Private AfterHours, Alan and Justin for different events throughout the year. I love all different types of parties and am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some amazing guys!

Patrick: I too love the fluidity of working with different sets of promoters on different parties. Often people think there’s a hidden agenda or background drama. With me, there’s simply not. I just like to team up with different producers and expand my experience by doing so.

Any embarrassing moments from over the years you’d like to share?

Joe: [laughs] One too many!

You have both traveled the world producing events. Is there a favorite memory?

Joe: Maybe not a specific memory, but it’s always a big moment when you look into the crowd and you see everyone really living their lives and having fun. Those moments when all the pieces just seem to come together and all of your hard work paid off, because you just created a memory!

Patrick: There are few times that a night goes 100% smooth. There’s been a few times I’ve had to call my boyfriend at the end of the night nearly in tears and said, “It was perfect!” Those have got to definitely be my favorite moments.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do and pursue?

Joe: I started producing events just a couple years ago.  I love working for myself, and I love learning. I am constantly learning something new, whether it’s about the behind-the-scenes production, front-of-house business, on-the-floor crowd management, the list goes on. This is a job where you can always improve and challenge yourself to an even better event the next time around.

Patrick: After studying abroad in Spain and experiencing Matinee as a college student.

What’s your proudest moment in our nightlife career?

Joe: I have a couple. Last summer, for Pride, I produced four events and promoted two others, going from just a bottle host to a New York City producer, producing major events during Pride, in less than two years was really a proud moment for me. And just recently, the grand opening of Everything with Brian Rafferty was literally EVERYTHING.

Patrick: Matinee Vegas I think is my overall proudest accomplishment. Jake, Paul and I took something that was nothing and made it an international destination. It’s not been an easy road, and that’s part of where that pride comes from.

What’s your favorite and least favorite aspect of producing events?

Joe: My favorite thing about producing events is creating environments with amazing energy. I love it when people can forget about their problems and just enjoy themselves, because I’ve been able to provide an outlet where it’s stress and attitude free. My least favorite aspect of producing events is working with people who are in it for the wrong reasons. I’m in it to create an amazing party. That’s always my first priority.

Patrick: The schedule is a double-edged sword. It’s great to be your own boss and make your own schedule, but at the same time that makes this a 24/7 job. It never really stops. There are times of the day I want to throw my iPhone out the window.

What brought you two together?

Joe: A few years ago Patrick was producing Room Service at Lilium, and he was looking for main promoter. We met for coffee, chatted about nightlife for a while, then spent the summer together turning it out!  And he’s been stuck with me ever since.

Mr. America
Saturday, January 16
177 2nd Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

Tickets start at $20 with options for Shuttle Bus transportation to the venue.

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Patrick Crough &  Joe Roszak Main Photo By Richard Burrowes