Lachi Struts Her ‘Body’ at Monster

Pop singer Lachi will debut her new track, “What I Want (Dat Body),” at Monster Bar this Friday night.

The sexy track is a collaboration with Danish EDM producer Julian Javan and was inspired by the wave of fierce women representatives redefining today’s political scene.  

“Today’s women are more than pretty little dolls, we are bosses and power players taking charge of this world,” Lachi declares.   

She says when it came to writing “What I Want (Dat Body)”, she imagined all 131 — the number of women now serving in both chambers of the 116th  — walking into a club and picking out their choice of men.  

“I’m the type who can walk up to that cute guy at the bar and buy him a drink,” she explains. “I think all my fearless ladies are the same way.  That’s what being a woman today is about.”

Lachi knows about overcoming barriers in order to achieve her goals.  She was born legally blind into a first-generation Nigerian immigrant family. “We moved around a lot to make ends meet.  I grew up in the blackest parts of Philly, the whitest parts of Upstate New York, and I southern-belled it in North Carolina. No matter where we were, I was always so different from everyone else. It was tough to make friends.”

She refused to let her disability define her. “I have always hated the ‘wow, she’s blind AND can do things!’-type BS.  I was raised to believe that no one was going to be throwing me any pity parties.”  

Since moving to NYC, she has worked on numerous projects including the single, “Rude,” with rapper Snoop Dogg and “Far” with trance producer Markus Schulz, featured on his We Are The Light album. 

She writes songs from the perspective of a smart, empowered female.

“The biggest obstacle on my musical journey has been me,” she reflects.  “I’ll never forget being at work, humming at my desk, and my co-worker saying, ‘You know how someone can’t sing, and everyone laughs, warning them not to quit their day job? Yeah, you’re the opposite.’” 

Within a few months, Lachi would resign from that job to pursue music.  It was the first in a series of bold moves that led the young artist to where she is today. 

“What I Want (Dat Body)” is being released in the USA through Big Management and will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers on February 22nd. It will also be available for streaming through Pandora and Spotify.h

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Ben Nelson

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