The British Drag Sensation Performs NYC for One Fabulous Night Only

By Chris Fragnito

In her brand-new show “Diva Breakdown,” British drag sensation La Voix puts showbiz legends under the microscope. 

No diva is spared:  Judy, Liza, Tina and Cher are all analyzed, their nuances exposed, as La Voix demonstrates the tiny gestures that transformed each diva into a huge star. 

The really fun part of the show is when La Voix mixes up the divas and puts them in completely absurd situations, making for sidesplitting entertainment!

“Diva Breakdown” takes place Thursday, May 19, at the Triad Theatre.  La Voix explains more.

Where did you get the idea for “Diva Breakdown”?
As a little boy, I would dance around to my father’s Streisand collection. I had a very camp father! I wanted to base a show on this passion and use gay iconic women and expose them to new material, situations and songs, satirically bringing them alive, one by one.

So it’s not an impersonation show, right?
I wouldn’t call it an impersonation show. It’s more of an exploration of the gay icons. I take it a step further, sharing the process of how I learned to perform like these ladies with an audience. It’s amusing to take an audience on the rehearsal journey for each woman, and then deliver the final result.
Is audience interaction encouraged?
Absolutely! There is a section in the show where we open up the floor to requests. With the incredible Brian Nash at the piano, any tune can be whipped out in the blink of an eye. An audience member once had the idea of me performing Judy Garland singing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It was funny, but nearly killed me.

What does Liza singing Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” look like?
To be honest: a car crash! I adore putting these women in circumstances you would never find them in and playing around with how they would react.

Do you perform Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”?
Every show is different.  “Proud Mary” may feature.  “River Deep” may feature.   It depends how the show shapes up each time. Tina is a great performer and an exhausting woman to portray. She is full of energy.

Performing all of the amazing divas in one night has to be exhausting. How do you keep from having your own diva breakdown?
I drink! Seriously.

See La Voix LIVE in “Diva Breakdown,” her hilarious one-woman musical show. It takes place Thursday, May 19, at the Triad Theatre in Manhattan (158 West 72nd).  For more information, visit