Fly turns 3! Congrats! Is there anything new that we can expect in this third year?
Thanks, Scotty! We are more excited than ever for our third season on top! We’ve obviously kept the ingredients that have made FLY what it is, while adding some new, fun cocktails, and we’re mixing up a couple more surprises too. We’ve also heard your cries from the bathroom line and were able to convince Monarch to add a trough to their largest restroom, making it more than just single-use. This will greatly reduce the wait time to tinkle.

Do you have a favorite memory from the previous years?
It’s tough to choose; each season has brought a lot of different joys along. Pride is always so special each season, partying below a rainbow-lit Empire State Building with all our friends. Opening day last season was beyond anything we’d imagined as well, with over 2,200 FLYers passing through! I think our egos are aiming to beat that on May 15.

Were there any other names on the table for the party before deciding on the now notorious FLY?
Hmmm. We always throw around names for a while before we can pick (Lolita took forever to name!), but when FLY came to mind, it was a shoo-in choice.

What do you think makes people come back every year?

We think it’s really a culmination of ingredients that come together to have the opportunity to present a recurring event each year. For FLY, the location and Monarch itself (one-of-kind), our attention to hospitality and the “devil’s in the details” mentality, mixed with some sunshine and MOST importantly our amazing guests, all make FLY Sundays a place where everyone can call it their summer home.

Describe FLY using an emoji
Scotty. We can’t just pick ONE!

Do you have a favorite look that you’ve turned at the door from the last two years?
“A look I turned?!” My darling, I’m outside in drag at 3 p.m. on Sunday in Herald Square. I don’t turn looks, I turn heads!

You see people when they enter and exit. How fun is it to see the difference after one too many FLY Knock Outs?
It’s really a pip! People enter vertical and leave horizontal! I myself have been known to exit diagonally.

Do you have a favorite FLY Moment?
My favorite FLY moment is when a manhole exploded outside the hotel. Here I was thinking manholes exploding was my forte. Our elevators had to reset, so 47 cute queens and I marched up 19 flights of stairs for a bevvy. Let me tell you, between the sexy firemen and the workout, I didn’t need a FLY punch to knock me out, HENNY.

Describe FLY using an emoji.
Who’s Emoji? Don’t tell me it’s another “Drag Race” girl they’re trying to plug at that Señora Frogs. If it is, I hope she croaks.

How does the FLY crowd differ from other summer parties in your opinion?
We somehow have managed to pull the best and most fun crowd for the last few years. Well, not somehow; we have the best team, the best view and we’ve all poured our hearts into this party. Did I mention the view? Best sunset in the city. Our crowd is different, because we pull a cross section of all of your favorite gays: the children, the Fire Islanders, the circuit queens, the suits and even a few straight people. It’s a truly queer tapestry.

Is it hard to spin such a long set and keep the crowds’ interest?
Fuck yeah it is. Especially because if you forget to bring a chicken san’g’wich for later, you wind up drinking for eight hours straight, or in this case, eight hours gay. Every time I turn around, someone just brought me a fresh drink. So you have to pace yourself.

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What do you bring to the party?
My bigger than life personality and also my big butt, haha. I have an infectious smile and laughter that you just can’t resist. I’m definitely the life of the party, and you can always catch me behind the booth twerking it and lip syncing to every song. I love just having fun, so there is never a dull moment with me. Music is my first and only love, which shows in my sets. I like to take listeners on a journey with my own spin of their favorite hip hop, pop, disco and house tracks. I love a good remix or mashup, so you will always be surprised.

Is it hard to spin such a long set and keep the crowds’ interest?
Besides the array of drop-dead gorgeous men, I love being able to see so many familiar faces. It’s a popular place for a lot of nightlife workers, drag queens, DJs and bartenders because of its central location and timeframe. You have time to turn up before those late night shifts. It’s also a great networking opportunity where you can make new friends, see old friends and probably find true love or that hookup for the night. The crowd is just friendly and also ready to just have fun.

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Forget “cake by the ocean,” we’re getting cake on the roof! Are you excited to be back?
Yes, of course I am excited to be back. FLY and the family that puts FLY together is a staple in the NYC gay summers.

Can you share a favorite memory?
One of my favorite memories is the first rainy day we ever had. We had a cute crowd, and the rain pushed everyone into the bar area, and the staff just began to turn it out: David and I, the waitresses, we just had a great time, and the crowd started to get wet with us. A time I’ll never forget.

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What’s your favorite aspect of the FLY party as a dancer and as a customer?
I really love coming up in the elevator of Monarch and hearing the music get louder and louder as you reach the top. The doors open, and what I see is hundreds of smiling faces. Everyone having a great time. It’s definitely inviting.

Can you share any embarrassing moments from FLY pasts? Any wardrobe malfunctions? 
Hahaha! Maybe not embarrassing, but pretty funny: A highly intoxicated female was screaming, dancing and aggressively grabbing me. She was definitely having a good time. Persistent she was; she ended up pulling my underwear down to my ankles, which caused me to fall off the box. Thankfully I landed on my feet. LOL! Loved it!

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3 P.M. – 11 P.M.