Fitness Trainer-Turned-Rentboy Muscles In On Hustlaball!


Get ready for a hedonistic night of decadence.  Hustlaball, the infamous sex cabaret and mega dance party, returns to NYC this Columbus Day weekend at Club Slake (251 W 30th).  Some of the biggest names in porn and dance will be there, including Tommy Defendi, Boomer Banks, Brent Corrigan, Nick Capra and Rentboy’s newest sensation, 24-year-old Killian James.
The former fitness trainer-turned-escort-turned-Randy Blue model won “Best Bottom” at’s recent 2014 International Escorts Awards. At Hustaball, he intends to show us why he won in a performance we won’t soon forget.

This will be your first Hustlaball!
My Hustlaball christening, as I like to call it.

Can you give us a hint at what you will be performing?
It’s top secret! All I can say is Rentboy is putting something awesome together. Some flipping may be involved.

Are you offended by the word “hustler”?
I think it’s only offensive to an escort if deep down, that’s how they view themselves, as a hustler with a derogatory connotation. I view myself as an escort, someone that provides companionship, so it doesn’t bother me. I often use the word in the context of,  “Hey, he works hard, he knows how to hustle.”

After all, we’re all hustlers, out there trying to make a buck to get ahead. 
Of course. As Rentboys, we provide companionship that hopefully leaves our clients smiling. Now what can be more honest than that?

What got you into the biz?
After a breakup with my former employer, I wanted to dictate my own life and create a schedule that worked for me.

Most guys go into hustling after dabbling in porn.  Why did you choose the opposite route?
I don’t know anyone who makes a decent living doing porn, so I didn’t want to rely on that income solely. I do porn now because it’s fun and I’m getting to go places and meet people I would not have had the chance to otherwise.

Where do you hope it leads?
I’m trying to figure that out right now. I have a few ideas brewing. The great thing about being in this industry is that we have a lot of time to figure out what we love and how to turn that love into something bigger than just a hobby.

Would you get involved with another hustler?
I’m actually involved with someone right now who works just as hard as I do.

Would you get involved with a fan?
Sexually, possibly, but emotionally, probably not. They would meet me and have feelings for Killian James, not the man my family and close friends know.

How deliciously bad do you intend to get at Hustlaball? 
Killian James holds nothing back. It’s going to be a wild night! presents the 16th annual HustlaBall New York,
Sunday October 12, 2014, @ Slake, 251 W 30th.

General Admission: 11 P.M.
VIP Special Entry: 10 P.M. Presale tickets: $39.95 online now. General Admission: $49.95. VIP: $149.95. Age 30 and under: Pay your age with Photo ID. 



Cameron Barnes

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